US ShovelEdit

The US Shovel was the only and original melee weapon in CoD: WWII. Since the Winter Siege update, there are two new ones, the Trench Knife and Ice Pick. All melee weapons are one-hit-kills regardless of where the enemy was hit.

The US Shovel may pair well with the Airborne Division, the fourth level especially, due to the increased sprint speed. The other perks of the Airborne division may assist with the use of the shovel because of their overall increased mobility.

A helpful Division Training to use with the US Shovel is the Serrated training, as it increases melee speed, as well as adding throwing knives and tacticals to your loadout, increasing melee capability.


The US Shovel has two variants, those being the Epic Variant Fortitude, and the Heroic Fortitude II. There are no stat changes comparing the variants to the original. However, the Fortitude has a +10% XP bonus on kills in multiplayer, while the Fortitude II has a +15% bonus. Compared visually, the Fortitude is gold and black, smudged with what looks like dirt. The Fortutude II is exactly like the Fortitude except with the dirt removed.