James Doyle and Gerald Ingram drive through a tunnel on a bike.

Ingram: Stay on the ball, there'll be more on the other side.

They continue out through the tunnel and up a road. They approach a German truck blocking the road.

Ingram: Watch out - we're going right through them.

Ingram swerves the bike onto the grassy area and back on another road.

Ingram: Lorry on the left!

They are pursued on the road by German vehicles. Doyle fights them off, and the two reach a village guarded by German soldiers.

Ingram: Hang on... We need to make a detour.

Ingram drives through a building entrance to avoid a German truck guarding the road. He then enters an alley and reenters the main road in an attempt to lose the truck behind.

Ingram: Blast! I'll try to lose them in the village.

Ingram continues through more alleyways and goes into a field.

Ingram: We've got one on the left!

They outrun the truck and continue through the village. Ingram swerves to avoid a Panzer and crashes the bike into a guard rail, knocking both him and Doyle out.

Ingram: Damn, the bike is buggered! We'll have to continue on foot. Through here, follow me.

Doyle and Ingram go through a building and head upstairs.

Ingram: It's a dead end - jump!

Doyle and Ingram jump out of a window and enter a small courtyard.

Ingram: Leapfrog forward - keep moving! Keep advancing, we need to get down to the beach.

They clear the courtyard and move through an alley.

Ingram: We've got to get around them - move to the right!

They move left alongside a cliff overlooking the shore.

Ingram: Not much further. Higgs said there's a small dock down there.

They move down a hill and begin closing in on the beach.

Ingram: There he is down there - we've got to get down there and help.

They approach a bunker.

Ingram: We'll have to get through that bunker! Go!

They fight through the bunker and reach the beach.,the krauts fire a panzerfaust/panzershreck at the fishing boat,destroying it & killed higgs.

Ingram:They got higgs! we'll have to take their boat or die here!

They clear the beach out (doyle retrieves higg's bren lmg.)and get on the boat.

ingram:Man that gun. i'll drive.

Doyle mans the gun while Ingram drives.

Ingram: Incoming! Dead ahead! Fire!

German boats drive toward the two, and Doyle fires on them. He destroys all the boats.

Ingram: Excellent shooting, Doyle. The RAF's loss is our gain.

Ingram drives through a rocky area into the open sea, where more boats approach.

Ingram: More to the left! Hang on - we're coming around!

Doyle destroys two of them.

Ingram: Good work. If we're not careful, we may get out of this alive. Damn Jerries -- don't they have anything better to do?

Doyle continues firing on them.

Ingram: Brace yourself! They're trying to surround us!

Doyle destroys the boats.

Ingram: Excellent! Let's pray our luck holds up! More PTs ahead! Sort them out - or we're done for!

Doyle destroys the two boats.

Ingram: Nice shot -- that's the last of them. Have a look, Doyle. You bought your ticket, might as well enjoy the show.

Explosives inside 3 bunkers in the cliff detonate, destroying all 3.

Ingram: The Ulster Monarch's off the coast. What say we get out of here before any more of these Jerries show.