The Sicily Raiders were a group of SAS Commandos who were sent to sabotage the large guns and their magazines on the coast of Capo Murro di Porco, Sicily.

Although the Raiders accomplished their main objective and also sabotaged the motor pool, the Kubelwagen carrying Hoover, Luyties, Denny and Moditch took a direct hit by a Panzer tank.
Death of sicily raiders 1-4

The Kubelwagen carrying the four takes a direct hit from a Panzer

The survivors, Doyle and Ingram, proceeded into the town and fought Opel Blitz trucks, motorbikes, and Kubelwagens until a Panzer destroyed the motorbike they were on. They had to continue on foot to the docks, fighting through mechanized infantry on the way. When Doyle and Ingram reached the docks Higgs, who is piloting the escape boat, is killed and the escape boat is destroyed. Doyle and Ingram are then forced to steal a German PT boat to escape.




  • The Sicily Raiders each wear a different Hat as their Head Gear:
    • Maj.Ingram wears a Red Beret.
    • Pvt.Denny wears a Tan Cap.
    • Everyone else each wears a Black wooly Hat:
      • On Higgs' Part,in Sicily 2,he wears a British Uniform with a Green Beret.
    • It is Unknown what kind of hat Doyle wears as he's the Playable Character.
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