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Siege[1] is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


  • A freight car on the tracks can be moved into the center of the map to change the position of cover it provides. This is done by going to the control room in the mine/cave and to the right of the entrance there is a button that moves the car back and forth.
  • This map has a special Field Order reward called "Missile Strike": A small volley of missiles will strike enemies wherever they are not under overhead cover (roof, etc.).


  • This map was the first one shown in the Multiplayer Trailer featuring Eminem's song "Survival". The player in the trailer is using the Honey Badger.
  • Inside a metal tube near Flag 'C' (Domination), one can find a teddy bear that has been cut in half pierced to the tube by a Throwing Knife.


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