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For the original character, see Simon "Ghost" Riley.

"An expert in clandestine tradecraft, sabotage and infiltration. He lives with a redacted past and an undercover present, marked by a concealed appearance to hide his identity and maintain anonymity in the field."
— In-game biography

Lieutenant Simon Riley, also known as Ghost, is a character featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

First mentioned at the end of the campaign, Ghost was released as a SAS Operator of the Coalition as part of the Battle Pass with the launch of the Season Two of content for Modern Warfare.


Born in Manchester, Simon Riley joined the Special Air Service and spent the majority of his career serving numerous short-term deployments and executing covert assignments in classified locations. He became an expert in clandestine tradecraft, focused on sabotage, ambushes, and infiltrations into denied areas and hazardous environments. Ghost concealed his identity under a hallmark skull figured mask to maintain anonymity in the field.[1]

At one point, Ghost worked in the same unit as Mace.[2]

Following the death of General Roman Barkov, Ghost was recruited by Captain John Price in the newly formed Task Force 141 where he became a commanding officer. Following the invasion of Verdansk by Al-Qatala on March 3rd, 2020, Riley was deployed in the city to assist the Armistice initiative against the terrorist organization supplied by Victor Zakhaev. During one of Armistice's operations, Ghost helped the Arm-4 team infiltrating the occupied Verdansk airport to retrieve a nuclear core.

When Al-Qatala released toxic gas within Verdansk, Ghost discovered a chaotic situation where the operators of Armistice have turned against themselves and began targeting each other. He soon requested Price to send him reinforcements he could trust. Riley managed to escape the city and was deployed to a classified location where Price informed him that Zakhaev's plan worked, with the Armistice now officially disbanded. Ghost was assisted during this operation by "Alex", who was sent by Price.

Ghost would later begin to gather intel relating to the airport attack that occurred during Al-Qatala-Aljahdid's invasion of Verdansk. He would continue to gather intel afterwards and learn that Zakhaev had plans to catch a train in Verdansk at 7:30PM prior to the invasion.



  • With the release of Title Update 1.12 on December 18th, 2019, most TVs that displayed static in Modern Warfare multiplayer maps, such as Arklov Peak, Rammaza or Tavorsk District, would occasionally show a distorted image of Ghost for a few seconds
    • As of Title Update 1.13, on January 22nd, 2020, the giant screens on the multiplayer map Piccadilly would occasionally display an image resembling Ghost's skull face plate.
  • During Season Two, Ghost could be seen in the background inside the lobbies for the Multiplayer and Special Ops modes.
    • After Title Update 1.15, on February 25th, 2020, Ghost would follow the players in the lobbies for some time before turning back.


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