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Skelters are a class of fighter jet capable of combat in air and in space in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


It was developed by the Settlement Defense Front as its primary fighter jet and is classified as a dual-positional-wing multi-role combat aerospacecraft, but it is usually referred to as the "Skelter". The Skelter comes in three variants, its base design(known as the R-7), an improved design used by aces (the R-16), and a stealth prototype.


The Skelter is a fairly advanced craft, though it seems to be slightly behind its opponent, the Jackal, with the exception of the prototype. It has a top speed of 3,169 mph (5,100 km/h) and its rocket boosters enable it to reach escape velocities of up to 47,845 mph (77,000 km/h).

It features flare countermeasures to counter incoming homing missiles as well as omnidirectional infrared countermeasure systems. The Skelter is measured at 70 ft. (21.5 metres) long and 10 ft. (3 metres) high. The Skelter is equipped with variable-geometry wings in order to easily transition and travel in atmospheres and in space. They also have a limited capability to hover.

The Skelter is equipped with two 30mm cannons and air-to-ground missiles (AGM). The cannons are controlled with a "modular articulating ballistic system", meaning that they have limited traverse, though unlike the Jackal it seems the Skelter does not have retinal tracking pivots to ensure the guns match the pilot's eyeline, at least on the R-7 (these were present on the stealth prototype however). Its tandem-seat cockpit has a maximum occupancy of a pilot and a copilot.

Prototype Skelter

A unique stealth prototype Skelter was carried aboard the carrier SDS Cerberus, which featured several improvements over the R-7 and R-16 variants. This prototype was designed with stealth technology and used GAMP .018 Microlite energy cannons as its primary weapons, rather than conventional 30mm autocannons. It also carried two 50mm Pathfinder cannons as well. In addition, it could carry up to 25 missiles, much higher than the Jackal's 8 missiles. It also seemed to possess the same retinal tracking technology for its articulating guns that the Jackal did, unlike the normal Skelters.

Technology specialist Cesar Magana seemed to have some role in the prototype, as he was attending to it when he was killed. Ultimately, the prototype was stolen by Nick Reyes during Operation Phoenix.



  • "Skelter" is a verb and means to scurry or hurry.
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