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"We have to take Welcheren island so our supply ships can reach Antwerp. There's only one route in: a narrow causeway, just a raised two-lane road. Our bombers soften up the defenses but we're still in for a Hell of a fight."
— Alan Bradshaw, Calgary Highlanders

"Sloedam" is the second campaign mission of the Canadian Campaign in Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.


  • Cpl.Alan Bradshaw
  • Cpt.Wallcroft
  • Galloway

Walkthrough Edit

The level begins with German planes bombing the player's position. Move forward through the rubble of wrecked trains and planes. The Germans have an MG set up, so take that out quickly with grenades. Advance through the boxcar, and exit out near the destroyed Handley Page Halifax fighter. Clear out more Germans, watching out for Germans on top of the boxcars.

An Allied squad is pinned down; quickly move towards them, and help take out the attacking Germans. A sniper rifle is available there, use it to take out the Germans in the tower ahead.

A Panzer rolls in, and it’s the player's job to take it out. While rushing up to plant the charge, plant the charge and run away ASAP.

Continue forward. More Germans and a half-track will appear; quickly take out the gunner. Enter the house near the half-track once they’re all dead.

Once in the house, move into the far room, and take out the FlaK cannon crew from behind.

Another FlaK cannon is in the distance. Grab the sniper rifle and take out the crew first and any Germans in the area. As the player takes out the crew more Germans will take up positions on the gun, so keep up the fire. Once the player has eliminated all opposition, the mission is complete.

Medal requirement Edit

Gold Edit

  • Time: 7:30
  • Accuracy: 40%
  • Shots Fired: 175
  • Kills: 37
  • Head shots: 10

Silver Edit

  • Time: 9:30
  • Accuracy: 30%
  • Shots Fired: 275
  • Kills: 30
  • Head shots: 7

Bronze Edit

  • Time: 11:30
  • Accuracy: 20%
  • Shots Fired: 375
  • Kills: 20
  • Head shots: 5


Starting Loadout
Found in level
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