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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

"Battle Shadow Company and Juggernauts in the airplane graveyard. Grab the intel and escape to the extraction point."
Spec Ops description

Snatch & Grab is the Fifteenth Special Ops level and the final mission in Tier Charlie. It is set in an airplane bone-yard, the level itself being very similar to the one in "The Enemy of My Enemy". The objective is to retrieve some intel and then leave as quickly as possible. The player(s) needs to battle Shadow Company as well as Juggernauts on their way to retrieve the intel and on their way to the extraction point.

The Infinity Ward best time for Snatch & Grab is 1 minute 16.9 seconds.


Snatch & Grab begins with a varying number of enemies appearing in the distance. These enemies may include a Juggernaut which can be taken down from a distance using the Intervention sniper rifle. This level has very little close quarters combat. It also has one of the largest Spec Ops maps.

Snatch & Grab is split into two main sections with the end of the first section being marked by the retrieval of the laptop data. Once one player has the data, they will move through a broken down plane into a wide and long field which is littered with a large number of enemies. It is possible to use the sniper rifle while staying in the plane to eliminate the majority of enemies. However, it is also possible for Juggernauts to appear behind the player(s) during this which can lead to a difficult situation to escape from them.

It is possible to see the final target in the distance from this plane (the green smoke) and the level immediately ends once both players (if the game is being played on co-op) reach the smoke, regardless of whether any enemies are nearby.

On Veteran difficulty, there are at least 50 enemies in Snatch & Grab. Because of the openness of the map, the player can easily become exposed to enemy fire from multiple directions. It is almost impossible to survive after snatching the intel and trying to kill all the enemies; rather, it is advisable that the player throw flashbangs while running, ignoring as many enemies as possible and trying to outrun them.

It is possible to speedrun the whole level while just killing a minimal amount of enemies. Once out of the plane, there will be little-to-no enemies, as the AI count has already reached its maximum limit, and running to the smoke from there will be easy.

Weapon Loadout

Starting Loadout
Initial area
Found in level

These weapons can be found with and without attachments.



  • The HUD which displays enemy fire is considerably zoomed out, meaning enemies who appear to be relatively close are a good distance away.
  • After taking near fatal damage a Shadow Company soldier may sit down and pull out a grenade. However he will die before he can throw it.