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The Sniper Cabinet is a utility in the first Zombies map, Nacht der Untoten. As the name suggests, it is one of two ways to acquire a sniper rifle in Nacht der Untoten (the other being the Mystery Box). Once players have opened up the upstairs room, near the location of the Trench Gun, there is a large cabinet which will give out either Scoped Kar98k for 1500 points (World at War/Black Ops version) or the Locus for 5000 points (Black Ops III version). It is not possible to receive any other weapon from the cabinet. Opening the cabinet will buy the rifle at the same time, so it is advised to switch to the player's least desired weapon before opening up the cabinet.

Due to its reasonably high price and the low effectiveness of the Scoped Kar98k or Locus, it is very rare to see a player open this in a game. On the iPhone/iPod Touch version, the cabinet costs 2000 points and gives the player an M2 Flamethrower. On this version it is a good idea to open the cabinet because the Flamethrower is significantly more effective against zombies than on the console or PC, especially on easy difficulty.

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