Sniper Team One was a two-man sniper team comprising of Task Force 141 members Archer and Toad. They appear in the level "Loose Ends" providing overwatch and sniper support for the strike team, led by fellow member Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley. Team One keeps watch on the house and warns Ghost of two departing armored jeeps. When the strike team fails to destroy them, Team One neutralizes the two vehicles with two Javelin missiles. After the vehicles have been destroyed, Archer radios that he and Toad, "have not sighted Makarov" and that, "Those trucks may have been decoys".

After the strike team has secured the safehouse, Team One warns them of oncoming troops and provide support in any way they can. The two relocate to a different position and continue their support. Their fate is unknown, as they didn't join Ghost and Roach at the extraction point, however they may have had a different extraction point. The three possible fates of the team are either they managed to escape thanks to Captain John Price's warning about Shepherd, they could have been hunted down and killed on-site by Shadow Company, or that they managed to escape but were found and eliminated at some later time and place. While Ghost is pulling Roach to Shepherd's helicopter, the player can hear radio chatter from Shadow Company saying that they "got snipers on thermal," followed by, "Snipers' status unknown." It is unknown if this refers to Sniper Team One or to Ultranationalist snipers.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible to kill Sniper Team One. The easiest way to do so is to place a claymore near them and shoot it. Oddly, the player will still get sniper support, the trucks will be destroyed, and Archer still is heard over the radio.
  • If the player kills Archer and Toad, their M14 EBRs can be picked up and used.
  • Archer and Toad use M14 EBRs, but when they fire, it sounds like they use Interventions. This may be for dramatic effect.
  • If the player returns to the spawn point after the mortar fire stops, Archer and Toad are no longer to be found. This is before Archer informs Ghost they are relocating. This is likely to save resources; there is no point putting in a fully animated and functional character in a place the player is not supposed to be at that point in time.
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