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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
For the operator, see Snoop Dogg.

"Jump into Multiplayer with none other than Snoop Dogg himself. The iconic rapper narrates every firefight in Multiplayer, alerting you of killstreaks, enemy activity, and generally giving your combat style some street cred. Ya dig?"
— Official description

The Snoop Dogg Voice Pack is the first downloadable Multiplayer Voice Pack available for Call of Duty: Ghosts. It costs $2.99 USD.


"Squad member active, that's what's up."
— When a Support Squadmate becomes active
"Squad member active; a brother from another mother."
— When a support squadmate becomes active
"Ballistic vest ready. Those are some fine-ass threads."
— When a player's Ballistic Vests becomes available
"You got that spitfire drone, now!"
— When the player receives a Vulture
"Rack up points by reaching the enemy portal, ya dig?"
— At the start of a Blitz match
"Homies out the joint! Party time!"
— When a support squadmate becomes active
"Don't stop! Cap 'em and shank 'em!"
— When the player becomes cranked in Cranked
"Keep 'em out your objective!"
— At the start of a Search and Destroy game on defense
"Sit yo ass down, it's a deadlock!"
— When a game ends in a draw
"Aint no one touching our objectives, we clear?"
— At the start of a Domination match
"It's a deadlock, this mate stale like yo dreadlock."
— When a game ends in a draw
"Time to do some dope."
— At the beginning of a Team Deathmatch game
"Time to put in some work."
— At the beginning of a Kill Confirmed match
"Your boy busted through!"
— When a point is scored in Blitz
"We coming out on top!"
— Upon taking the lead
"Gots that Sat-Com."
— When the player receives a SAT COM
"Do what you gotta do to survive."
— At the beginning of an Infected match
"Yeah, you cranked up now."
— When becoming cranked in Cranked
"Specialist bonus! I like 'em perks!"
— When reaching the Specialist bonus
"I.M.S. rizzle for diplizzle!"
— When earning an I.M.S.
"Sentry gun, ready to roll."
— When earning a Sentry Gun
"Guard dog ready. Yeah, you pussies afraid."
— When earning a Guard Dog
"Trinity rocket in your back pocket!"
— When earning a Trinity Rocket
"We going platinum tonight!"
— near the end of a match when the players team is winning
"Friendly Trinity Rocket sounded, inbound"
— When calling in a Trinity Rocket
"MI-24 be standing by."
— When obtaining a Battle Hind
"Vulture ready, launch that!"
— When obtaining a Vulture
"You got that Gryphon."
— When obtaining a Gryphon
"Juggernaut ready for delivery. You witty?"
— When obtaining a Juggernaut Recon
"Friendly has Juggernaut. Y'all a stone cold mummy."
— When throwing a Juggernaut Recon package marker
"Gryphon inbound. It's not a body experience."
— When using a Gryphon
"Sat-Com up in the heezy!"
— When obtaining a SAT COM
"Helo Pilot up in the air, blasting cannons just like it don't care!"
— When obtaining a Helo Pilot
"LOKI be on the ready. Command that!"
— When obtaining a LOKI
"Friendly LOKI online. Go all space in their face!"
— When using a LOKI
"Got that bling-bling on its way!"
— When using the LOKI
"Target murdered."
— When getting a kill with the LOKI
"Friendly Helo Pilot. What it do, nephew?"
— When calling in a Helo Pilot
"Yeah, way to keep it real."
— Said upon winning a Team Deathmatch game
"Ammo crate ready, go get strapped!"
— When obtaining an Ammo Crate
"Sat-Com uplink enabled, yes sir!"
— When using multiple SAT COMs
"Vests ready for deployment. Off the hook!"
— When obtaining Ballistic Vests
"MAAWS ready, bring 'em the pain!"
— When obtaining a MAAWS
"Night Owl ready, your back is covered."
— When obtaining a Night Owl
"Night Owl went nighty-night."
— When the players Night Owl is destroyed
"Ground Jammer be ready man. Yeah!"
— When obtaining a Ground Jammer
"Friendly Ground Jammer active. You got dis!"
— When activating a Ground Jammer
"Helo Scout ready for your mark. Quit wasting time!"
— When obtaining a Helo Scout
"Oracle ready. It's your fate to activate."
— When obtaining an Oracle
"Friendly Oracle overhead. Spot them fools!"
— When activating an Oracle
"Oracle expired. You on your own."
— When a friendly Oracle expires
"ODIN active. Drop some science on these bitches!"
— When activating an Odin
"Target covered like a motherfucker."
— Tagging an enemy with the ODIN
"Smoke up dawg!"
— Shooting smoke with the ODIN
"ODIN offline. You ran out of time."
— When a friendly ODIN expires
"Bring em' back, Bring em' back, Bring em' back."
— When revived after teammate picks up your dog tag in Search and Rescue.