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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
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The Solar Reflection Tower, or Solar Focusing Tower, is an Orbital Care Package reward exclusive to the map Solar. When activated, the player will take control of a tower for 30 seconds, and can control a laser beam like the XS1 Vulcan. However, unlike the XS1, this beam is difficult to maneuver, being sluggish, and often lagging behind where the player is actually aiming due to the time it takes for it to rotate. When an enemy is hit, there is no hitmarker, but instead a unique burning sound is heard and the player's controller will rumble slightly. While it may lack effectiveness in lethality, the tower can be used as a deterrence to keep enemies away from objective points. It also become much more effective in Hardcore mode due to the lack of a minimap and the lower health.