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"*sigh*... No token, No prize."
— Sally when trying to claim a prize without a Souvenir Coin.

The Souvenir Coin Machine is a utility in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies that allows the crafting of special equipment with Souvenir Coins. To earn a prize from the machine, three Souvenir Coins of any colour must be inserted. The Souvenir Coins inserted determine the prize given.

Appearance Edit

The Souvenir Coin Machine appears as a small token machine designed with astronomical decals. On top of the machine is a bright neon sign saying "Souvenirs", coupled with a planet and some stars to outline the astronomical theme. There is also text saying "Souvenir Station" on the front. Inside the window to the machine, there is a contraption designed to show the creation of the prizes once three Souvenir Coins have been inserted. On the left side of the machine is a graphical interface showing the coins currently inside the machine. There is a prize compartment at the bottom of the machine, to collect the prize from. There are also graphics next to every machine showing three possible prizes that can be obtained from the machine.

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