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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts

"Tank assembly plant. Quick engagements in a turn-by-turn action-packed pace-setter."
— Description

Sovereign is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It takes place in a tank factory.


The map has plenty of close-long range areas for players to fight at. The two side of the assembly line provide good medium-long range combat. The side with more space to it has sniping spots; one that is next to a staircase and one with a ladder in front of it. The paths in between the two sides of the assembly line are great for shotguns and submachine guns. The building near the middle of the map has plenty of close-quarters action inside it too, and the balcony attached to it is also a great sniping spot which is right in between the other two. Under the assembly line is another pathway the players can use that is great for flanking.


  • The factory is automatically and mechanically working an assembly line of tanks as the game is being played, such as robotic arms. To the left of the Federation spawn, a tank hull could be moving out and briefly block a player's path to the northwest corner of the building, or could briefly trap a player if he gets caught by its movement as he is trying to run past it. Players can also climb on top of the tank hulls, but they tip at one point, and the player will fall, and if they do not have Resilience, they will die.
  • There is an orange pipe above near the "Soberano" building at the Ghosts spawn. It can only be taken down with the Panzerfaust, MAAWS rocket launcher, or the "Sabotage" kill streak. The cables will snap and the pipe will fall, killing anybody underneath it. It also creates a bridge to the top catwalk.
  • This map has a special Field Order reward called "Sabotage." It triggers a gas leak, filling the entire map with halon gas, hindering the sight of every player (including team members of ones who called it in) on the map for 30 seconds. It also triggers an explosion on the assembly line which kills any players near it.




  • A Teddy Bear wearing a construction helmet and holding a cellphone and a coffee mug can be seen through a window in one of the map's corners.
  • In a vault near the holographic projection of a tank only viewable in spectator mode or by noclipping, "Peek-a-Boo" can be seen written on the wall. 
  • Small orange-red flags embolized with the Ghosts' team symbol can be seen in various spots around the map.