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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"Forged in the pools of Aetheria, two forms shall the Chrysalax take. The Savager, as sharp as the mountains in the Badlands of Disparax. The Storm, powerful as the winds on the Ocean of Zophoria. For if you are one to defeat the one who is many, it will take both to tear him apart. The Devoured shall be reborn. Their scattered ashes will be reformed. The Forsaken's torment will be undone, when the Old Ones reign once more."
— Sparagmos

Zealot Sparagmos is a character introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies. It is an entity residing in the Dark Aether who was affiliated with the beings known as the Old Ones. It is mentioned in the map Forsaken.


The Old Ones and the Forsaken

"By my hand the Forsaken shall be undone. He may have enslaved my Disciples - but he shall not enslave me."
— Sparagmos [1]

At some point, Sparagmos aligned itself with the Old Ones, a group of entities that held power over the Dark Aether alongside it's Disciples. However, the arrival of a new being known as The Forsaken changed this, devouring many of the Old Ones and subjugating the rest. It's Disciples would come under the enslavement of the Forsaken, but this did not sway Sparagmos. Creating the Chrysalax in the pools of Aetheria, it swore to enact revenge upon the Forsaken and to reinstate the reign of the Old Ones. While crafting the Chrysalax, Sparagmos recalled two powerful Elder Gods - Inviktor and Norticus.

Crafting of the Chrysalax

During the Forsaken's arrival from the Dark Aether, the Polymorphic Crystal Core (a part of the Chrysalax that ensures it cannot be forged without Sparagmos' guidance) arrived at Omega Group's Test Site Anna through an anomaly. It was there that Sparagmos allowed the Requiem strike-team to craft the Chrysalax in use against the Forsaken.



  • The term "Sparagmos" originates from Greek Dionysian context, where it is referred to in Dionysian rite as an act of tearing a being apart, and devouring its flesh.


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