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Spartan SA3
Weapon Class Launcher
Magazine Size 1 rocket
Unlocked Level 1 (MP)
Level 4 (ZM)
Cost (Zombies) 950 (Magic Wheel)
Starting Ammunition 1+2 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition 1+3 (ZM)
Fire Mode Single shot
Used by Special Combat Air Recon
Settlement Defense Front
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"Lock-on launcher. Primarily anti-air with an optical smart lock, but can be dumb fired."
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The Spartan SA3 is a rocket launcher featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Campaign Edit

The Spartan SA3 can be found and used in certain missions, primarily to disable and destroy enemy C12s.

Multiplayer Edit

The Spartan SA3 is unlocked by default. It can lock on to scorestreaks, but can also be fired freely.

The Spartan sports an integrated optic known as the Optical Smart Lock, which highlights enemy scorestreaks in bright yellow and red when in the view of the scope. The sight also features its own unique light green Dot Field reticle.

Zombies Edit

The Spartan SA3 is unlocked at level 4 in Zombies mode. It is available from the Magic Wheel. Its abysmal ammunition count and reserves leads many players to switch out this weapon for one with substantially more ammunition, such as the Mauler. If a player wishes to use this weapon, it is advised they also buy Bombstoppers to prevent any splash damage from affecting them.

When Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the Iron Eagle, with plentifully more ammunition available at 5 rockets per "magazine" and 45 rockets in reserve. The Iron Eagle also reloads its entire "clip" in one rocket, negating a need for Quickies. The Iron Eagle loses its killing ability by scene 18, however begins to make crawlers past that scene consistently.

Spartan SA3 vs Iron Eagle vs Geiger's SpearEdit

Spartan SA3 Iron Eagle Geiger's Spear
Spartan SA3 IW Spartan SA3 PaP IW
Fire mode Single Shot Semi-Automatic
Magazine size 1 5 6
Max ammo 3+1 45+5 54+6
Extras Becomes semi-automatic with 5-shot capacity, reloads all 5 rockets at once, higher damage, more ammo, zombies in the sight are highlighted.


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