Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

"A greater evil has taken over the Eastern Hemisphere, and it is up to the global alliance Armistice, a joint force of Allegiance and Coalition operators led by Kate Laswell (CIA) and Sergeant Kamarov (FSB), to stop and sever a global terror organization’s access to weapons, funds, intelligence, and hardware."
— Official description.

Special Ops returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as an extension of the game's single player campaign. Survival Mode is also attached as an additional mode of Spec Ops, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 platform until October 1, 2020.


"Choose your role, perfect your loadout, and deploy with 3 other Operators to complete epic, story-based operations."
— In-game description

As you infil into one of the many war-torn zones within Special Ops, you and your team have full latitude on how to accomplish your Operations. This Special Ops game mode is a 4 player matchmade activity centered around interconnected experiences that take the form of objectives, each culminating in the removal or destruction of a key logistical aspect of the Al-Qatala army.

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Intro Cutscene


Sounds of a battle in a city can be heard as a Russian Soldier desperately calls for reinforcements.

Russian Soldier: Base, this is Seven. We have tanks and armor approacing from the east! Taking heavy casualties! Do you copy? Base, come in! Base! Shit! All stations this net: we're overrun! It's a fucking army! We need-!

The Russian Soldier is shot and wounded, he lays on the ground among the bodies of his comrades and civilians. A mysterious figure approaches him, the Russian Soldier gasps as he speaks.

Russian Soldier: No... No... I'm begging you... Please!

But the mysterious man executes him with a .50 GS and walks on. Behind him, a whole army of foot soldiers, ground vehicles, and helicopters move down the streets of Downtown Verdansk. At a Forward Operating Base outside the city of Verdansk, civilians are being evacuated as Laswell, Price, and Nikolai walk together discussing the new threat.

Kate Laswell: The city's under evacuation. Al-Qatala's got complete control.

Nikolai: This place was nice once.

John Price: Well it's not anymore.

Nikolai: East and West rebuilt Verdansk after the Cold War.

Laswell: AQ didn't like that cooperation... they've got armor, heavy weapons.

Nikolai: Terrorists with tanks.

Price: Who's at the helm?

Laswell: Someone new.

Laswell shows a picture of the mysterious man on her phone.

Nikolai: Nice hat. What's his name?

Laswell: We don't know, but he's got friends in high places.

Price: This is Russian intel. Where did we get this?

Laswell: My counterpart in Moscow.

Nikolai: The CIA working with the FSB?

Kamarov: Not the first time.

Sergeant Kamarov walks in and joins the group.

Price: Kamarov.

Kamarov: Captain Price. Nikolai. You've been a bad boy.

Nikolai: From you, that's a compliment.

Kamarov: Please. We're all friends here.

Kamarov takes out a small cigar box and gives it to Price.

Kamarov: I owed you...for Beruit.

Laswell: Sergeant Kamarov is going to help conduct this operation.

Kamarov: These new weapons...give Al-Qatala the power to turn acts of terror into acts of war. This is a problem. For everyone.

Laswell: We're launching a multi-lateral force to hunt AQ's new leader and contain this threat while we still can.

Price: Okay, we're in. Start up your teams. Let's operate.


"A replayable, curated experience where your proficiency with specific weapons, killstreaks, and other tools will be tested."
— In-game description

Complementing the multi-stage Operations, and also available across all platforms, are additional Missions, which can be played solo or with up to four players. Whereas Operations give you the widest breadth of strategic and tactical choice, Missions are a more curated experience where your proficiency with specific weapons, killstreaks, and other tools will be tested. These Missions are extremely replayable, and you’re able to achieve a 1, 2, or 3-star ranking based on your performance. In addition, there will be a "Infinity Ward Time" for players to challenge. Unlike previous installments, there are no difficulty settings to choose in order to obtain stars. Instead, they are earned by just accomplishing these missions or finishing them in a certain amount of time.

List of Missions


  • "Green Team" (Uncommon) calling card - Obtain 3 stars
  • "Cowboy Up" weapon charm (Uncommon) - Obtain 6 stars
  • "Nowhere Safe" sticker (Common) - Obtain 9 stars
  • "Zane Glint" spray (Common) - Obtain 12 stars
  • "You First" calling card (Common) - Obtain 15 stars
  • "Final Reprieve" Origin-12 blueprint (Rare) - Obtain 18 stars


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