The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

"Manage your health and inventory in order to survive. Only Elite Specialist accept this challenge."
— In game description

Specialist is a difficulty introduced in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It is the second highest difficulty in the game. It is unlocked after completing the game on any difficulty. Completion of this difficulty unlocks the difficulty #YOLO, as well as the DMR-1 for use in the campaign.


The difficulty introduced several mechanics which greatly increased the game's overall difficulty. Not carrying both Nano Shot and Helmet will disable game save.

Injuries and Nano Shot

During gunfights, the player does not regenerate health. Enemy attacks also create damage to specific parts of the body: Chest, Left arm, Right Arm, and Legs. Damage to each part has different penalties.

  • Damage to chest causes overall accuracy decrease.
  • Broken left arm disables all equipment (except Nano Shot), aiming down the sight and melee attack.
  • Broken right arm causes extreme visual sway while aiming down the sight. The actual crosshair center however is not largely affected, and will hit enemies wherever it aimed.
  • Broken legs hinder movements in general.

All damages, health damage and broken limbs alike, can be fully healed with a Nano Shot. Nano Shot takes lethal equipment slot, and up to four can be carried at a time. During dogfights, the jackal's hull integrity will automatically regenerate. Entering Jackal (transiting to different phase of mission) automatically regenerates the player's health.


Helmet gradually breaks when shot at, gradually hampering the vision with cracks before finally breaking (returning vision back to normal briefly). Helmets are the player's only protection from headshots and requirement to breathe in space, else risking headshots (denoted with special death animation) and suffocation (shown as gradually blurring vision).

Helmet takes non-lethal equipment slot, and up to two helmets can be carried at a time. Entering Jackal (transiting to different phase of mission) automatically gives the player 1 free helmet.

Weapon Difficulties

During gunfight, guns are not automatically reloaded when an ammo runs out; all reloads are manually done with the reload button.

During gunfights, enemies may shoot the weapon out of the player's hand. In which case the player must catch it to return it to hand, lest the weapon be dropped and the player must switch to secondary arms.

During dogfights, Jackal auto lock-on is not present. The player must manually aim to fire at enemies.


If the player dies too many times at a particular point of the game, humorous messages written by the developers might appear on the screen. These messages are meant to calm the player down and entertain them in case they get too angry while playing:

"Don't worry, we die a lot in this mode too."
"Just imagine how happy you'll be once you succeed."

One message informs the players about the player who holds the record for the fastest completion of this mode:

"Salen Kotch holds the record for fastest Specialist Mode completion."

One message is a nod to the controversial Modern Warfare 2 mission "No Russian":

"Be patient. Remember, no rushin'."
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