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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile

For a similar weapon class, see Special.

Specialist Weapons are special weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Call of Duty: Mobile that are specific to each Specialist. They grant players powerful, short-use devices to take out enemies aggressively or tactically; players can choose between using their Specialist Weapon or Specialist Ability. They are acquired by filling the power meter around the weapon icon by scoring points or granted after a short amount of time. The meter turns yellow when completely filled, and will deplete over time. Specialist Weapons last until the meter runs out, the user is killed, or the player runs out of ammo; the meter depletes faster when using the weapon. Overclock decrease the time needed to activating Operator Skills.

Within Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, while the method of achieving a Specialist Weapon or Ability is the same, all Specialists have access to an exclusive Special Issue equipment item along with their Specialist kit. However in Zombies, Specialist weapons are tied to the loadout that the match is started with along with if it is apart of the Chaos or Aether storylines.

In Call of Duty: Mobile they have been renamed into Specialist Skills or Operator Skills, but they operate in the same manner.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III[]


Weapon Icon Description
Gravity Spikes Gravity Spikes Icon BO3 Spikes that create an explosive shockwave then slammed into the ground, destroying all enemies within close range. Exclusive to Ruin.
Sparrow Sparrow Icon BO3 Compound bow that fires bolts with increasing range the longer it is drawn. Enemies explode on impact. Exclusive to Outrider.
Tempest Black Ops 3 Tempest Icon Charge-shot weapon that fires an arc of electricity, lethally shocking targets and chaining to nearby enemies. Exclusive to Prophet.
War Machine War Machine Icon BO3 Grenade launcher that fires bouncing grenades which detonate after a short time or by hitting an enemy directly. Exclusive to Battery.
Annihilator Annihilator Icon BO3 Massive high-caliber revolver that fires devastating rounds with increased bullet penetration. Exclusive to Seraph.
H.I.V.E. HIVE Icon BO3 Deploys trap pods which release a deadly swarm of nano-drones when triggered. Exclusive to Nomad.
Scythe Scythe Icon BO3 Minigun that transforms from the arm and delivers high damage in a tight cone of fire. Exclusive to Reaper.
Ripper Ripper Icon BO3 Arm upgrade that equips a lethal blade for extended melee lunge attacks. While activated, pressing <key> will melee with Ripper in place of your held weapon. Exclusive to Spectre.
Purifier Purifier Icon BO3 Flamethrower that fires a steady steam of heat, scorching enemies within close range. Exclusive to Firebreak.


Specialist Weapons also appear in Zombies. They charge up by getting kills, rather than being earned passively.

Weapon Icon
Apothicon Sword
Ragnarok DG-4
Skull of Nan Sapwe
Gauntlet of Siegfried

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4[]


Weapon Image Icon Description
Grav Slam Black Ops 4 Grav Slam Icon Grav Slam HUD Icon BO4 Kinetic device that delivers a lethal blast radius around the point of impact. Exclusive to Ruin.
Tempest Black Ops 4 Tempest Icon Tempest HUD Icon BO4 A tactical style rifle that shoots electrically charged Shock Rounds. Exclusive to Prophet.
War Machine Black Ops 4 War Machine Icon War Machine HUD Icon BO4 High Explosive grenade launcher. Exclusive to Battery.
Annihilator Black Ops 4 Annihilator Icon Annihilator HUD Icon BO4 Massive high-caliber revolver that fires devastating rounds with increased bullet penetration. Exclusive to Seraph.
K9-Unit Bo4 k9-unit icon K9 Unit HUD Icon BO4 Attack dog that can be commanded to either follow you or patrol a designated location. Exclusive to Nomad.
Purifier Black Ops 4 Purifier Icon Purifier HUD Icon BO4 Flamethrower that shoots a steady gout of flame, scorching enemies within close range. Exclusive to Firebreak.
TAK-5 Bo4 tak-5 icon TAK-5 HUD Icon BO4 Heals, boosts max health, and removes Wounds for the user and their team. Exclusive to Crash.
Barricade Bo4 barricade icon Barricade HUD Icon BO4 Deploy reinforced cover for protection while securing objectives. Built in microwave field slows and damages enemies. Exclusive to Torque.
Ballistic Shield Bo4 ballistic shield icon Ballistic Shield Icon BO4 Durable transforming defensive shield with a built-in machine pistol. Exclusive to Ajax.
Vision Pulse Black Ops 4 Vision Pulse Icon Vision Pulse HUD Icon BO4 Pulse the map to reveal all enemies for yourself and teammates. Exclusive to Recon.
Icepick Black Ops 4 Ice Pick Icon Icepick HUD Icon BO4 Powerful hacking device that disables enemies and steals or destroys their equipment. Exclusive to Zero.
Sparrow Sparrow HUD Icon BO4 Fires highly lethal arrows that explode shortly after impact, damaging nearby enemies. Exclusive to Outrider.
Shadow Blade Black Ops 4 Shadow Blade Icon Shadow Blade HUD Icon BO4 Quickly cut down enemies in melee range in third person. Roll to close distance and avoid gunfire. Exclusive to Spectre.
Scythe Scythe Icon BO4 Scythe HUD Icon BO4 Deadly machine gun with high damage rounds that suppress enemies in the line of fire.



Weapon Icon Description
Chakrams of Vengeance Paired chakrams, one for throwing and another for melee.
Hammer of Valhalla Hammer of Valhalla HUD Icon BO4 A hammer for wading directly into battle.
Scepter of Ra A staff with ranged healing and slowing capability.
Viper and Dragon Viper and Dragon HUD Icon BO4 A paired whip sword and hand cannon for mid-range flexibility.


Weapon Icon Description
Hellfire Assembled with Russian know-how from the scraps of war and inter-dimensional combat, the Hellfire flamethrower has incinerated legions of filthy hell-pigs.
Overkill Adopted by Dempsey with love and affection from a Group 935 armory, the Overkill mini-gun can chop meat and cut daisies with the greatest of ease.
Path of Sorrows Carried by Takeo Masaki through both victory and sacrifice, the Path of Sorrows is a tragic blade with many more tales to tell.
Ragnarok DG-5 Ragnarok HUD Icon BO4 Inspired by designs of the DG-4 and perfected in Richtofen's Lab, the Ragnarok DG-5 converts trace quantities of Element 115 into reckless amounts of electricity.

Call of Duty: Mobile[]

Weapon Image Description
Purifier Purifier model CoDMobile Blast a close-range stream of scorching fire at your enemies.
Death Machine Death Machine model CoDMobile A handheld minigun that slowly increases accuracy over time. Press and hold the fire button continuously to increase the firing speed.
War Machine War Machine model CoDMobile Fully automatic grenade launcher with a devastating payload.
Tempest Tempest model CoDMobile Hold the fire button to build up power and send a bolt of lightning at the target. Hits up to nine nearby enemies.
Transform Shield Transform Shield model CoDMobile Places an expandable shield. Microwave radiation continuously generates from the front, causing damage and slowing enemies within the area.
Sparrow Sparrow model CoDMobile Draw the Sparrow back for longer amounts of time to increase range and unleash powerful, blasting arrows.
Gravity Spikes Gravity Spikes model CoDMobile Jump up and slam down to create an energy wave that will deal fatal damage to nearby enemies.
H.I.V.E. H.I.V.E. model CoDMobile Launch a trap of proximity mines that, when triggered, will release a swarm of nano drones that kill nearby enemies.
Annihilator Annihilator model CoDMobile High material penetration ammo at the cost of accuracy.
Shadow Blade Shadow Blade model CoDMobile Swiftly kill enemies at close range, while also detecting hostiles within the shroud of any smoke grenade.
Equalizer Equalizer model CoDMobile Dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors for close quarters combat.
Ballistic Shield
Ballistic Shield model front CoDMobile
Durable, transforming defensive shield with a built-in machine pistol.
Gravity Vortex Gun Gravity Vortex Gun model CoDMobile Launcher that fires vortex projectiles that distort gravity. When the vortex disappears, it causes explosive damage to everything in its path.
Bull Charge
Bull Charge model front CoDMobile
Charge forward and level all enemies in your path.
K9 UNIT K9 Unit model CoDMobile Call in a military dog to track an enemy by scent and attack them automatically.
Kinetic Armor
Kinetic Armor model front CoDMobile
Reactive armor that deflects enemy bullets away from the body. It does not protect against melee, headshot, incendiary or explosive damage. It will be disabled after deflecting a certain amount of damage.
TAK-5 TAK-5 model CoDMobile Heals and grants the allied team 50 extra HP.
Munitions Box Munitions Box model CoDMobile Deploy a box of ammo and throwables for you and your teammates. Shoot at your own risk.
Reactor Core
Reactor Core model CoDMobile
Emits a damaging radiation field that burns enemies, temporarily reducing their max health and preventing healing. The player using Reactor Core will also gain a defensive buff, reducing damage taken but using Reactor Core for too long will cause damage to the user.
Claw Claw model CoDMobile Rapid fire spread shot firearm with ricochet ballistic rounds. Aim down sights for more focused damage.
Ballista EM3 Ballista EM3 model CoDMobile An electromagnetic projectile launcher with high penetration capability. After equipped, the enemy will be outlined in red. Estimate the enemy's movement pattern and hold the fire button to build up power to deal fatal damage.
Tac-Deploy model CoDMobile
Deployable beacon that allows your teammates to redeploy to the surrounding area.
Misdirection Device
Misdirection Device model CoDMobile
Emits special sound waves that impair auditory functions, completely hiding the user's sound and causing enemies in range to hear fake noise sources.