Quote When said
"Contract accepted." After being selected
"I am no stranger to death."
"I'll take the job. Pray we never have cause to meet again."
"Stealth, speed, and surprise."
"Engineer on site. Heading out to clean." Opening quote on match start
"Find me an H.V.T.-- something that'll provide a challenge."
"In client's A.O.; proceeding on mission."
"Stay out of my way. I have work to do."
"Concise. Admirable." In response to Ruin's "Close and Destroy" line
"Spear? Is that what they told you? You're a club." In response to Ruin's "Tip of the Spear" line
"You need to attack more than once? You should work on that." In response to Ruin's "Attack" line
"Brawl? I think we can manage something more... precise." In response to Outrider's "Call 'em and Brawl 'em" line
"Call out my kills as they drop." In response to Outrider's "Reporting for Overwatch" line
"Stick to the shadows." In response to Outrider's "Deploying Down Range" line
"Watch me work." In response to Outrider's "Headed Out" line
"Impressive technology." In response to Prophet's "All Checked Out" line
"Stay out of my way, Prophet." In response to Prophet's "Ready to Move Out" line
"We'll see if you have anything to teach." In response to Prophet's "Future of Combat" line
"Weakness? Or lack of will to survive?" In response to Prophet's "Weakness" line
"Have you ever confirmed your kills?" In response to Battery's "Bring the Smoke" line
"Let's end some lives." In response to Battery's "Project Some Force" line
"Way ahead of you." In response to Battery's "CSMO" line
"Fear is a valuable commodity." In response to Seraph's "Fear the 54i" line
"No... I have this." In response to Seraph's "We got this" line
"They will die." In response to Seraph's "We Will Prevail" line
"Why not mix business and pleasure?" In response to Seraph's "Not Personal, Only Business" line
"Another prototype. How fascinating." In response to Reaper's "Systems Checkout" line
"Follow my trail of corpses." In response to Reaper's "Topological Data" line
"There's nothing like the expectation of a kill." In response to Reaper's "Scanning for Hostiles" line
"Those protocols only serve to reassure others. Never sheathe your blade." In response to Reaper's "Safety Protocols" line
"Cause chaos. Make my life easy." In response to Firebreak's "Fired Up" line
"Glorious, isn't it?" In response to Firebreak's "Off the Leash" line
"Indeed." In response to Firebreak's "Let's Get This Party Started" line
"Spectre moving on mission." In response to Firebreak's "Smoke Them Out" line
"Client liquidated. Leaving the scene." Match win quote
"Contract completed. Prompt payment is advised."
"There's no escaping death."
"There's no substitute for the thrill of the kill."
"Headed to safehouse location." Match lose quote
"Operation compromised. Going underground."
"Our opportunity will come."
"Regret is a waste of time."
"Contract is a no-go." Match draw quote
"Too many witnesses. Need to be patient."
"Unable to complete liquidation. Target has left the A.O."
"We'll fight again another day."
"That Battery's dead." After killing an enemy Battery
"Evolutionary dead end... reached." After killing an enemy Prophet
"Reaper? Hardly." After killing an enemy Reaper
"KEEP BACK!" When stuck by a Semtex Grenade
"Semtex, GET AWAY!"
"Close and kill." When Ripper is fully charged
"Ripper available."
"Ripper get close and personal."
"Ripper ready."
"Ripper, shed some blood."
"Impressive." After a teammate gets multiple kills with a Specialist Weapon
"Not bad for an amateur."
"There's hope for you yet."
"Yes. That's it."
"Dissected." After killing multiple enemies with the Ripper
"Liquidation successful."
"Sliced and diced."
"Surgical precision."
"Couldn't see? Couldn't evade." After killing someone shortly after breaking out of Active Camo
"Strength from the shadows."
"I... am Death."
"Never saw me coming."
"I have become death, the destroyer of scrubs." "Death Walks" taunt
"You're dead already, you just don't realize it yet." "You're Dead" taunt
"You talk a good talk. Place yourself under my Ripper, and we'll see what's on the inside." "Ripper" taunt
"You wouldn't require a cleaner to take you out; a janitor would suffice." "Garbage Time" taunt
"You survived? Reward enough." "Still Around?" taunt
"You won't enjoy our next encounter." "Give Up" taunt
"Death is an old friend; don't make me call in any favors." "Favors" taunt
"Even Death can upgrade. Care for a taste?" "Death 2.0" taunt
"My blade always thirsts for more." "Shadowblade" taunt
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