The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
For an attachment with a similar name, see Speed Reloader.

Speed Reload is a feature in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer and Exo Survival, activated by pressing the reload button twice after using up some ammunition in a magazine. When activated, the player will reload their weapon 10-15% faster than normal, with a greater benefit given to weapons that normally reload slowly. However, when this is done, the remaining ammo in the magazine will be dumped, subtracting a full magazine from the player's reserve ammo. For example, if the Bal-27 is speed reloaded, 32 rounds—its full magazine in multiplayer—will be subtracted from the reserve ammo, no matter how many rounds had been spent. Therefore, speed reloading is most efficient when the majority of the magazine has been spent, as less ammunition will be wasted. This is also better when the weapon's reserve ammo is very low; less than a full magazine or a single magazine left is best. Otherwise, valuable ammunition will have been wasted.

Speed reloading cannot be used on weapons with unlimited ammo (EM1, EPM3 and AE4), single-shot ones (excluding the underbarrel grenade launcher, as mentioned below), round-by-round loading (Tac-19 and MDL), nor on any weapon with the Dual Mags attachment while on the fast reload magazine, or during an empty reload (where a longer variant of the speed reload is already used, often with a cocking animation added in). Also, the XMG only gains a 0.5 second speed benefit compared to 6 seconds of reloading, so speed reloading with it is almost like wasting the discarded ammo on nothing.

Speed reload can be used with the Grenade Launcher attachment, although the reload button must be quickly pressed in order to perform the speed reload. This only works on some weapons (such as the AMR9, ARX-160, HBRa3 and MK14), and in some cases the speed reload animation depicts the weapon itself being reloaded instead of the grenade launcher.

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