"Последний шанс. Играй... или умирай. (Last chance. Play, or die.) "
— The Spetsnaz Operative before clubbing Bowman to death.

The Spetsnaz Operative, or Roulette Interrogator, is a nameless Russian soldier who tortures Mason, Bowman, and Woods in the mission "Payback" in Call of Duty: Black Ops.


After clubbing Bowman to death with a lead pipe, he and the VC Bookie force Mason and Woods to play Russian Roulette with a Python revolver. When Mason turns the gun on the VC Bookie and takes the bookie's CZ75, he flees through the tunnels attempting to escape. After a brief chase he is killed by Mason, or by Woods if the player doesn't shoot in time, as he tries to pry a door open to escape.


  • When he is trying to open the door at the end of the tunnel, the player can kill him with a single bullet or even a direct impact from a grenade.
  • It is impossible to gib him.



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