For similar equipments, see Throwing Knife and Tomahawk.
"A lethal thrown drone that returns on command."
— In-game description.

The Spike Drone is an equipment in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It is unlocked at level 49, meaning players who Prestige may see little use of it if they don't use a Prestige Token for the item. It is a lethal thrown drone launched from the Exo Launcher that returns on command.

Similar to the Throwing Knife and the Tomahawk from previous installments, it instantly kills any player it hits. When launched, it sticks into every surface it hits, similar to the Ballistic Knife in the Black Ops series. The Spike Drone leaves a yellow trail as it soars through the air. In addition, the drone can be called back by either pressing a button or killing a player. When the drone is called back, it is able to kill any enemy that is in its way. On its return, the drone keeps moving even if it kills an enemy, meaning double and triple kills with this equipment are possible. The player must have a clear line of sight to the drone in order to call it back; otherwise, the drone will stay in its current position. It is also possible for the spike drone to stick to a different surface when calling it back.

The Spike Drone is a very useful exo launcher for classes lacking capability in close quarter combat, such as Sniper Rifles and Heavy Weapons. It is also very effective with the Heavy Shield, as it can act as useful cover when launching the drone.

In Infected, this is the Exo Launcher equipment for infected players.

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