Squad Assault Insignia CoDG

The Squad Assault Insignia.

Squad Assault is a Squads gamemode that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The player and their squad play against other players' online squads. This sounds similar to Squad vs Squad; however, it is played without the player who owns the enemy squad being on the team.

If "Find Game" is selected, the player goes up against a random online player's squad. However, if "Challenge Friend" is selected, the player gets to choose a friend's or a recently met player's squad to play against.

In the Squads HQ menu, players set the map (the squad's "HQ") and gamemode which their squads will try to "defend" their "HQ". Attacking players and their squad will then play against the defending player in that map and gamemode. The player who has their squad attacked will then receive a Squad Report and a notification on the Call of Duty App.[1]

Squad ReportsEdit

Squad Report is a summary for a match another player played in against the player's squad in Squad Assault. It shows the name of the player who attacked the player's squad, the final score for both teams, the map that was played on and the game mode that was played.


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