St. Petrograd is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The map is designed for 6v6 matches.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "St. Petrograd" refers to the city of Saint Petersburg and Petrograd, the name of the city between 1917 and 1924.
  • Despite being set in Kastovia, the street name signs around the map still read "Saint Petersburg, Russia" in Russian. Outside the map, a building resembling Saint Isaac's Cathedral in Saint Petersburg can be seen.
  • Inside the tram station, an information sign can be translated from Russian and reads:
    The spot I'm typing this in is really tiny, that's why I can fill it with a bunch of words which makes it look real, but really it's all bullshit. You won't know what I wrote because the text is so small it's ineligible and that's probably for the best because I can't speak or write Russian, and it's probably all incorrect. In any case, I value you – the person I have never met who took the time to carefully study this sign. Although we will never meet, I'm happy to know you saw my work. In order to make it seem real, we just need to create an illusion that whatever is written here makes sense. For your convenience please arrive to the terminal at least fifteen minutes before train departure. In any case, you should probably really stop looking at this sign, you've got a train to the war. I wouldn't want you to be late on my account. Either way, it would have never worked out between us. It's for the better. We are from two different worlds. You, an organic lifeform, and me, a sign. You can die tomorrow and I, I can already feel my irritation rising because every terminal has electronic signs now. Hello to my friends and family who supported me in my struggle to be the best sign I ever could be. I couldn't make it without you. You are the reason I get out of my metaphorical bed. Special thanks to my colleagues – other signs – and your endless wisdom and patience. You really taught me what it means to be informative and every day I try to follow in your stead and be as helpful and legible as possible.
  • There is a plate on the town hall outside the map. However, the writing is in gibberish.
  • Around the map, advertisements for "Burger Grad" can be seen. This is an easter egg referencing the "Burger Town" chain of fast-food restaurants that first appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • If a player attempts to mount their weapon on one of the chairs in the hotel, within a few seconds it will kill the player, counting as a suicide.
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