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"Reduced weapon sway when aiming."
— Description

Stabilizer is a weapon attachment featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It reduces the idle sway when aiming with sniper rifles and the Mozu revolver, same as the Ballistics CPU in previous games.

Unlike the Ballistics CPU that is attached on the scope, the Stabilizer adds a bipod on rifles and a grip on the Mozu. In Black Ops 4, Stabilizer can be paired with other optic attachments, while the Ballistics CPU only can be equipped on the default scope in Black Ops II and III, although it also can be paired with other optic attachments in Infinite Warfare.

Some sniper rifles allow players to attach the optional Stabilizer II after the normal Stabilizer is equipped. The sway is greatly reduced when equipping two Stabilizers, and Stabilizer II allows players to hold their breath for a longer time.


  • Some sniper rifles already have a bipod, attaching the Stabilizer will replace it with a new one.
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