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Stacy Davidson is a minor character featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Davidson is an assistant that worked for Ambassador Harris at the U.S. Embassy in Sakhra, Urzikstan.

During the mission "The Embassy", Al-Qatala raids the embassy to rescue Omar "The Wolf" Sulaman. Price orders Kyle Garrick to use the security camera system to guide the ambassador to safety, since they need his keycard to get out through the rear door of the embassy parking lot with Sulaman to the ambassador's residence.

Kyle uses a microphone to communicate with Ambassador Harris on his phone. The ambassador is inside his office and tells Garrick that he going to lock the door to his office. Harris tells Stacy to hide and he tries to lock the door to his office but is gunned down by an Al-Qatala insurgent. After the insurgent leaves, she grabs the ambassador's keycard and phone. Kyle tells her that he will help her get out of the embassy safely.

After getting her out of the embassy safely, she will join the others in the parking lot and will give Kyle the keycard. She and the others head to the ambassador's residence. Later when the ambassador's residence overrun by insurgents. She is taken hostage by an insurgent. She can be killed by the insurgent (if the player does not kill the insurgent quickly) or saved by the player.

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