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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

For the remake in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, see Takeoff.

"Frenzied combat in and around the hockey rink at Chance Stadium."
— Stadium's map description

Stadium is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops that was released for the First Strike downloadable content pack.


Stadium is an urban, medium sized map. The map is set around, and partially inside, of an ice hockey stadium and the nearest buildings.

The map is very tight and includes many close corners but also has wide open spaces, including the stadium itself, the fountain located outside, and the area behind one of the buildings. Most of the combat takes place near the fountain, on the scaffolding, and inside the stadium. There is also a shop that sells various items such as magazines.

Although the map is based around close quarters combat, there are locations set up for long range and medium range combat.




  • The logos on the Stadium bear a resemblance to the old CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) logo.
  • The team which Stadium is the home rink for is the fictional team, the "New York Atomics."
  • Stadium is a rebuilt version of the scrapped map Münich.
  • In the bookcase in the building by the Black Ops spawn, there is a book labeled "Edward Richtofen." This is found in all bookcases in any multiplayer map.
  • If a Tactical Grenade is thrown into the hockey rink, the scoreboard will make a buzzing sound as if a goal was made. This also happens if the scoreboard is shot or damaged by explosives.
  • While the rest of the stadium has row chair seating, benches are only present where players enter the main stadium.
  • The postcards in the souvenir shop spin when shot and spin faster for each round shot.
  • There is a magazine called "File" around the stadium and, like Life magazine, it has a special "the year in photos" issue. If one looks closely, the words Vorkuta, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam can be seen.
  • Throughout the map, there are many posters referencing the 1972 US presidential election.
  • The hockey puck (found in the middle of the ice rink) can be shot into the net, but nothing will happen to it if it goes in.
  • If one noclips outside of the map, they will find that all of the vehicles are low quality and are blocky.