The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies

Stadjäger Down is a hidden achievement/trophy and the secondary objective featured in the Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies map The Shadowed Throne. It requires the player to defeat the Stadtjäger trooper.

The Stadtjäger is located on Peter Straub's Zeppelin. Which can be called over the section of Berlin that Raven squad is located at by first contacting the Red Army forces via the radio on the Main Street. To get the frequency to call the Red Army forces, there is a code on the top of the radio, two letters and one number. These have four different variants each. Take this code to the Church and check the map for a red pin. The pin tells which location in Berlin that the Red Army is located currently and can be used, with the prior code to get the correct frequency from the chart to the left of the map.

With the frequency gained, the Red Army can be contacted and they wish to destroy a Zeppelin that is causing havoc to their forces but it isn't in range. They task Raven Squad to locate a way to lure the Zeppelin in, which can be done by locating a locked box of flares that are on the opposite side of the barricade that the radio is sat against. Damaging it with anything will pop open the lock and open the crate, with a second hit shooting the flare into the sky. Alerting Straub to their position.

When Straub's Zeppelin gets into range, it will fire down four powered tethers into sections of the map, along with firing Geistbolts into zombies to create Gekochts. The tethers are located in:

  • The Broken Apartments behind rubble.
  • In the ceiling of the Museum.
  • Center of the Plaza.
  • Above Barbarossa's Refuge.

The tethers can be overloaded by the Wunderbuss to lower a drop pod into the Main Street, However the final tether within Barbarossa's Refuge is locked behind the steps to obtain the Blade of Barbarossa.

With all four tethers overloaded and Straub figuring out who the people are that are preforming so well against his creations, a drop pod to the Zeppelin will be lowered into the Main Street with a chain system leading back up to it. With all the members of Raven squad in the drop pod with a full battery of Wunderbuss ammo, shooting the chain will raise the drop pod into the Zeppelin. If stopped being shot at, the drop pod will lower back into the street.

Within the Zeppelin there are multiple terminals that move a power source along a track under the grating. This power source needs to be moved into Straub's Laboratory within the center of the Zeppelin. Doing so will cause the inactive zombies to reanimate, turning on Straub and killing him. With Straub killed, heading back to the original drop-pod will cause the Stadtjäger drop down and attack.

Fighting the Stadtjäger is broken into three phases where it can only be damaged while it is doing specific actions, where the chassis will glow orange.
The first phase, the Stadtjäger is only able to be damaged during the wind-up for its charge attack. Which can be provoked into preforming by shooting at.< br /> The second phase, the Stadtjäger will continue to use the charge attack but will be immune to damage during the wind-up. But now has the added attack of firing off a volley of Geistbolts to overload zombies into Gekochts. During the firing, the Stadtjäger will lose its immunity to damage.
Third phase has the Stadtjäger create a Geistkraft energy storm around itself periodically, during doing so, they become vulnerable.

Upon enough damage dealt, the Stadtjäger will start to explode but not before executing itself by firing a Geistbolt into its own head.
Heading into the original arrival drop-pod will send it back down to the Main Street, with exiting it playing the ending Cutscene and awarding the acheivement.

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