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The Stake Knife is a melee Wonder-Weapon introduced and exclusive to Dead of the Night, capable of killing zombies up to wave 26, however will always be lethal against Nosferatus and their crimson counterparts.          


1. Go to the Forest where the Pack-a-Punch machine is located and find a tree with a lantern. The tree has an elemental symbol on it and behind it, 3 more trees are seen with elemental symbols. Take note of the order of the symbols from left to right.

2. Go to the Greenhouse and find 4 stones with the elemental symbols on it. You must shoot each one in the correct order. Failure on this step will result in the Stake Knife no longer being obtainable for the remainder of the game. If done correctly, your character will remark on it and you should hear a sparkle sound.

3. Return to the Forest and go to the tree behind the previous tree. There should be 4 elemental symbols on it, and with a Bowie Knife, knife the symbols on the tree in the order you have.

4. When all the symbols are crossed out, shield bash 2 or 3 of the symbols and a branch will fall. Pick up the branch. 

5. Take the branch to Mausoleum and place it on the alter. 

6. Kill 15 Nosferatus around the branch and their souls will fill it up.

7. When done, it should have an orange smoke emanating from it. Pick it up and craft it at the crafting table near the Mausoleum.



  • The entire weapon is a reference to how often a wooden stake is used to either kill or completely immobilize a vampire.