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Stalker Head NaziZombies WWII
Appears in Call of Duty: WWII
Affiliations B.A.T.
Status Alive
Sex Female
Race Caucasian
Timeline Nazi Zombies Timeline
Level The Final Reich
Gröesten Haus
The Darkest Shore
The Shadowed Throne
The Tortured Path
The Frozen Dawn

Stalker is an unlockable character within Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies, she can be unlocked by completing a full challenge set in the map The Shadowed Throne, in this case being the "Vigilant" challenge set.


  • Keep Hands Clear - Handled the Stadtjäger with causion. (Heavy Machinery)
    • Complete Stadtjäger Down's boss fight without any player in your game going down.
  • Just Takes A Scratch. - Took care of a mess without incident. (I'll be Fine)
    • Get to Wave 31 without taking any damage.
  • Hold Your Ground. - Banished the darkness from the depths of Berlin. (In the shadows)
    • Get to Wave 21 without opening any doors.
  • Minimalist - Rivaled the undead menace without surrendering to powers unknown. (No shiny tools)
  • Extinguisher - Blew out the candles. (Snuff the flame)
    • Get 10 headshot kills on Gekocht zombies in a row.


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