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"They're doing great, Mr. DeLuca. My boy Tommy, he's almost six now."
— Ferguson

Officer Stanley Ferguson was a prison guard employed within Alcatraz Island.


Ferguson first appeared in Mob of the Dead's opening cutscene. During the opening, Ferguson is patrolling the cell block that Sal, Billy, Al and Finn are kept in. After talking to Sal, Finn, and Billy, Ferguson hears cries from Al's cell, so he goes to investigate. He opens Al's cell and Al stabs him to death with a Prison Knife. Ferguson is resurrected as a zombie and attempts to attack the four mobsters, but they shoot him multiple times with snub-nosed Pythons.

It is later revealed in the audio logs that Ferguson was never killed by the mobsters. In reality, the escape plan never came to be, and Ferguson lived to tell the tale of the Arlington's murder as well as the execution of Sal, Billy and Finn. An older Ferguson narrates the audio logs, which were recorded after he left Alcatraz. He also tells this tale to a Reporter who works for a man known as Mr. Rapt during an interview.

Due to the events of Mob of the Dead having never happened in real life, but a possible form of Purgatory, the Ferguson who died and became a zombie was most likely a creation of the dimension that the mobsters are stuck in. Sal believes Brutus is, in fact, Ferguson taking his revenge on the mobsters.

Not much is known about Ferguson's personal life. He began his job as an officer at Alcatraz in 1933 and retired 1942, as revealed in the Mob of the dead audio logs. He had a son named Tommy who was five as of December 31, 1933.

On April 18th, 1940 Stanley is approached by Primis Richtofen, where he is asked to help him and the Illuminati construct an underground laboratory underneath Alcatraz.

According to the timeline, On July 3th, 1941, Stanley reports the construction of the Alcatraz lab is at its final stages, ready to put the individuals in stasis. According to the respective cipher, Stanley reports the lab is almost complete and already has the subjects on stasis and the blood samples of in his possession: SSMJABR. He says security measures have been placed so that the Americans will detect the lab. He further says he will continue the specimen rotation once they finish draw power from a Drill.

On October 1st, 1942, Ferguson has retired as a prison guard.

In July 3th, 1941 1944–1945, Ferguson was approached by a reporter, who was sent by Mr. Rapt to meet him before delivering artifacts he had requested. Ferguson told the reporter the story of the four mobsters, and how they met their fate.


Ferguson is faithful to his guard duty, and begins his round exactly at 9:30 PM. He cares for his family, and is loyal to his boss, the warden, despite him showing signs of insanity. This is evidenced when "guys from Bureau" try to detain the warden, Ferguson tries to stall them as much as he can to prevent the warden from being seized. However, his attitude and relations towards inmates seems to be biased, as he shows intimacy towards Sal and Finn, whereas he has a strong dislike for Billy telling him to keep quiet, and doubts Arlington's claim of sickness.