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"I'm doing great, Mr. DeLuca. My boy Tommy, he's almost six now."
— Ferguson

Officer Stanley Ferguson was a prison guard employed within Alcatraz Island.

Ferguson appears in Mob of the Dead's opening cutscene. During the opening, Ferguson is patrolling the cell block that Sal, Billy, Al and Finn are kept in. He notifies the prisoners that it's "light's out at 9:30 PM". After talking to Sal and Finn, Ferguson hears cries from Al's cell, and he goes to investigate. He opens Al's cell and Al stabs him to death with a Prison Knife. Ferguson is resurrected as a Zombie, and attempts to attack the four mobsters, but they shoot him multiple times with snub-nosed Pythons.

He can later be heard on a recording if the ID #'s of the four inmates are entered into the elevator controls in the catacombs near where the rigging is obtained. He says there were many escape attempts but mentions one in particular on New years eve 1933 where four particular inmates tried to execute a plan. Unfortunately this recording ends here bringing the entire outcome of the opening scene into question. Another recording he says no plane was ever built and that the four inmates disolved these plans in a bitter argument.


  • Ferguson has a five-year-old son called Tommy.
  • When killing zombies as Sal he may say that one sounded like Ferguson.
  • Ferguson seemed to like Sal and Finn, but disliked Billy and Al.
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