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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile

"Assumed K.I.A., secretly running a militaristic cult know as The Dark Covenant. A brutal ruthless, cutthroat leader with a very strong belief in his cause. Extremely intelligent and knows what he wants and how to get it. Very manipulative and confident. You can't say no to him - and live to talk about it, that is."
— In-game biography

Stansfield is a character featured in Call of Duty: Mobile, introduced in the Season 13 Wint3r War Comics and was released as a playable character on November 18, 2021, with Season 10: Shadows Return as part of the Battle Pass. [1]


Not much is known about Stansfield except he was a teammate and close friend of Russell Adler. Sometime during the 90's or 80's, a team of CIA agents lead by Adler infiltrated a Soviet base guns blazing. Stansfield was with them. He assisted Adler in the infiltration and managed to recover Soviet intel which was similar to what the Five Knights performed in the present. During the exfil, however, the team was surrounded by Soviet troops, and Stansfield stayed back covering their escape. He was killed almost immediately by a Soviet soldier, but his sacrifice helped the team escape and complete the mission.

Years later, Adler told the story to Ghost to comfort him of his grief from not being able to save Tank.

Some time later, Stansfield is revealed to be not only alive, but also shown to be part of a mysterious organization called "The Dark Covenant". He is summoned by Dame to Panama, alongside Artery, Dark Shepherd, Dark Rider and Witch Doctor.

When Templar later betrays Rorke, Stansfield joins and assists the Covenant members in taking out his mercs. When Rorke tries to make a run, he prevents Rorke from escaping by blowing up his ship, leaving him trapped with them.

Sometime later, Reznov reveals in a UAC briefing that after his apparent death in Siberia, Stansfield was brought inside Vorkuta by the Soviets in near death condition. There he was experimented on by former Nazi scientist Friedrich Steiner, who aimed to turn "an enemy into a friend". Although the experiment didn't go as planned, it turned Stansfield into "a madman obsessed with carnage". When the prisoners of Vorkuta rioted, Stansfield used the chance to escape.

He would found the Dark Covenant, a militaristic cult, and gain infamy as a ruthless and cutthroat leader.

Later, Ghost and Templar would attempt to find Stansfield, and after interrogating several Dark Covenant members, tracked him down to Alaska. Ghost would then confront Stansfield, with Stansfield commenting that he wanted to see the "new me," claiming that Ghost lived for the thrill of battle. After a short fight, Ghost would attempt to gouge Stansfield's eyes out, claiming that no more "half-measures" should be used against threats like Stansfield, then snapping his neck, killing him.



  • Stansfield doesn't appear during Templar's fight against The Dark Covenant in Season 8: 2nd Anniversary Comics.
  • Stansfield reveals in the Season 11: Final Snow Comics that the doctors at Vorkuta burned out his ability to feel pain.