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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile

"People like us, Ghost, we don't get many friends in this business. Tank was yours. Stansfield was mine."
Russell Adler talking about Stansfield

Stansfield is a character featured in Call of Duty: Mobile Comics, introduced in the Season 13 Wint3r War.


Not much is known about Stansfield except he was a teammate and close friend of Russell Adler. Sometime during the 90's or 80's, a team of CIA agents lead by Adler infiltrated a Soviet base guns blazing. Stansfield was with them. He assisted Adler in the infiltration and managed to recover Soviet intel which was similar to what the Five Knights performed in the present. During the exfil, however, the team was surrounded by Soviet troops, and Stansfield stayed back covering their escape. He was killed almost immediately by a Soviet soldier, but his sacrifice helped the team escape and complete the mission.

Years later, Adler told the story to Ghost to comfort him of his grief from not being able to save Tank.

Some time later, Stansfield is revealed to be not only alive, but also shown to be part of a mysterious organization called "The Dark Covenant". He is summoned by Dame to Panama, alongside Artery, Dark Shepherd, Dark Rider and Witch Doctor.

When Templar later betrays Rorke, Stansfield joins and assists the Covenant members in taking out his mercs. When Rorke tries to make a run, he prevents Rorke from escaping by blowing up his ship, leaving him trapped with them.



  • Stansfield is one of the few characters who have yet to appear as a skin in-game, and has only been mentioned in the comics.