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"If you have the cash, master chemist Stanton Shaw has whatever mystical brew you can think of. And he’s tried them all. Multiple times. So his grasp on reality is loose at best. Now that an old friend has gone missing under strange circumstances, his warped psyche may be the perfect asset."
— Official Biography

Stanton Shaw is a playable character featured in the Chaos story of Treyarch's Zombies mode. Shaw appears on the maps Voyage of Despair, IX and Ancient Evil from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.


Early Life

London-born Stanton Shaw was a close friend of Alistair Rhodes, as well as an accomplished alchemist. While he fathered two children with his wife Evelyn, he eventually became so obsessed with his work that Evelyn left him, taking the kids with her. At some point, Alistair's daughter Scarlett came under the care of "Uncle Shaw", where he tried and failed to build her a treehouse.

Siem Reap

In March, 1911, Alistair met with Shaw in the French city of Siem Reap. Alistair, on a mission to stop the mysterious Order, wished for Shaw to aid him in his adventure. However, German soldiers managed to capture Shaw. The officer who captured Shaw told him that the gas they used based on his formula leaked through the containers, killing 147 men even though Shaw claimed it would be perfectly safe during transport. Shaw was saved from being executed thanks to Alistair, who promised to give the officer the greatest weapon the world has ever seen with the help of Shaw. They traveled to Angkor Wat where Shaw decoded symbols on a wall and learned about Prima Materia sealed behind it. The soldiers managed to enter the hidden room and found a small jar on an altar. Upon opening it, Prima Materia was released into the air and attacked the officer and the rest of the soldiers turning them into zombies. Alistair and Shaw fled through the temple while being pursued by the zombies. While fleeing, Shaw managed to create an explosive powerful enough to collapse the tunnel after them. The explosion, however, was so powerful that a part of the temple collapsed almost killing the duo. Later, they recalled what happened and Alistair confessed to Shaw he was never there for the Prima Materia and was glad that thanks to the explosion the Order was denied any information about it. Alistair told Shaw that he’ll need him again one day before leaving.

The Unsinkable Ship

During a party at his manor, Alistair would be captured by the Order thanks to his brainwashed butler. Scarlett attempted, but failed to rescue her father. However, she had received a letter prior to the party from her father detailing three people who could help her find him and stop the Order. These three men were Shaw, joined by Bruno Delacroix and Diego Necalli, all of whom had previously met Alistair. The four met in person on April 10th, 1912, where Scarlett informed them of their mission - to acquire the Norse Sentinel Artifact. They would then acquire tickets to and board the Titanic.

During the night of April 14th, 1912, the Order started their plan to steal the Norse Artifact. Diego charmed one of the passengers, Lady McKendrick, and stole the key to the millionaire suite where Bruno and Shaw sent a gas into the cargo room using the pneumatic tubes in the suite. Once the guard was knocked out, Scarlett entered the room and using a device of her own invention to open the safe where the Artifact was kept. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t go as planned when a cultist, bearing the red mark on his forehead, stole the Artifact from Scarlett and took the medallion. While trying to flee, he was stopped by Bruno, Shaw and Diego who regrouped with Scarlett. Surrounded, the cultist activated the Norse Artifact but was kicked out of the protective circle by Scarlett and turned into a zombie like the rest of the passengers and crew. Soon after, the Titanic struck a massive iceberg allowing water to seep in. The team proceeded to complete the Trial of Odin and beat the Eye of Malice and Despair. After the trial was completed, all the passengers and the crew turned back to normal and a vision of a doorway surrounded by two snake heads appeared in the cargo hold. Soon after, the Titanic started sinking and Scarlett, Bruno, Shaw and Diego took a lifeboat. While they were waiting for rescue, Shaw recalled having seen the doorway before only in books, and where it was located - the city of Delphi.

Journey through the Vapors

In the following days, the team traveled to Delphi in the Kingdom of Greece and ventured in a cave where they found a sealed door. The voice of an Oracle, the Pythia, invited them to breathe the vapors to find the knowledge they were seeking but warned them it was not intended for mortal man.

Upon breathing the vapors, the team was transported across millennia and woke up in an ancient Roman colosseum in Egypt. They watched the High Priest of Chaos activating the Egyptian Artifact in front of hundreds of cultists, all spared by the Prima Materia. The High Priest forced slaves to attempt to complete the Trial of Ra, and the team were the next contenders. The team completed the Trial, beat the Guardian, a zombified elephant named Fury, and Wrath, the Champion of the Nine, another elephant. Once the trial was completed, a portal appeared with the word "Poseidon". Upon reaching his hand into the portal, the High Priest was attacked by Prima Materia only to be saved by the glyphs under his mask. Scarlett ordered the High Priest to grant them clemency as dictated in the Novum Ignotum proclamation, but the High Priest ordered his cultists to behead them.

City of Delphi

After awakening from the hallucination, Scarlett immediately went towards a gate near them, placing her hand upon ancient symbols to open the gate. As the gate opened, it revealed a tunnel, revealing the ancient city of Delphi. Noticing the ropes to climb down to the city, the crew realized that they were not the first to tread upon this city. Whilst inside the city, they are led by the Pythia to the Temple of Apollo, where they found she was imprisoned within the city. She proclaimed that like her, Alistair was trapped in Delphi.

Whilst on their journey, the crew encountered Perseus, who has turned into the Zombie Warlord. While examining some runes, Bruno was taken over by his Dark-self, and killed Shaw. Shaw was subsequently revived by Bruno using the Sceptre of Ra, allowing the Order to take control. Soon after, the crew confronted Perseus, who took control of Pegasus by striking him with his sword. After killing both Pegasus and Perseus and retrieving the key, the crew returned to the Temple of Apollo to free the Oracle. Scarlett stayed with the Pythia while Diego, Bruno, and Shaw left to find Alistair, beneath the Temple. They discovered that Alistair alongside several members of the Order, was turned to stone. As Diego realized the Pyhtia's true intent and headed to save Scarlett, Bruno and Shaw stayed behind, with the dark red lights on their foreheads glowing.


Shaw falls into the trope of the "mad scientist". He is a very intelligent and a skilled chemist, claiming he's on fire every other week and wishing he could get samples from Catalysts. Shaw holds an enormous amount of respect for Scarlett, as well as her father, Alistair. He views Scarlett as the leader of the crew, though she quickly gets irritated by his use of his "medicine" (painkillers). Shaw and Bruno both seem to have a large amount of respect for the other and look out for one another. Shaw is considered by Diego to be extremely amusing, this is mostly caused by misunderstandings on Diego's part. Due to his unstable mental state and old age, others tend to think Shaw as a liability. For example, Diego doubts his ability to fight, and Bruno offers protection. Nonetheless, Shaw proves himself by offering his knowledge and surviving through various Trials. Others often remark how well Shaw performs for his age.


Shaw can be unlocked as a playable character within Blackout. To unlock him, the player must acquire the Alchemical Set item, which can sometimes be found in a Mystery Box or by killing the Blightfather should it appear at the graveyard near the Asylum. The player must then earn two kills either with the Wraith Fire or Acid Bomb grenades, which are provided along with the Alchemical Set in the Mystery Box and upon killing the Blightfather. Alternatively, the player can find the grenades on the ground at Zombies-themed locations. Upon achieving this and completing the match, the player will unlock Shaw upon returning to the Blackout lobby.

The IX version of Shaw can be unlocked as well. To unlock him, the player must acquire the Ritual Bowl, which can sometimes be dropped by zombies when killed. The player must then use five perks and reach a certain placement with the Ritual Bowl in the player's inventory. Upon completing the challenge and returning to the lobby, the IX version of Shaw will be unlocked.



  • Shaw is the inventor of the Acid Bomb, as well as the Elixirs.
  • Shaw shares a few similarities with the Ultimis Nikolai Belinski. Both of them show extreme disdain for their ex-wives and suffer from addiction.
  • Shaw has numerous visible physical ailments. Including his eye, he also has a burn mark on the right side of his face and a brace on his right arm and left leg.
  • According to quotes in Dead of the Night, Godfrey is somehow responsible for the cataract in his eye.


  1. IX, "London man eaten by tiger! I suppose there are worse obituaries."