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The Star Mission trap is a utility featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode. It is exclusive to the Zombies in Spaceland map.

Features Edit

The Star Mission trap, when activated, will cause the rocket's thrusters to turn on, killing all zombies that come within the radius of the thrusters. However, it can also down the player similar to other traps.

The Star Mission trap is also allocated the Lightning element. Killing zombies with the trap while using an Arcane Core will fulfill the criteria to upgrade your weapon into an elemental weapon.


The Star Mission Trap is located in the Journey into Space area of the map, near the Tuff 'Nuff perk machine that can be activated for 750 points. It consists of a rocket aiming at the sky, with the thrusters pointing into a large, open area. The switches to activate the trap are located above the stairs to the trap, or inside the corridor that connects to the Bumper Cars. It is part of the Journey into Space zone of the map.

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