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" One thing is certain, the Germans know we are here. Whether that means that they turn tail and run or come swarming out of the wood work, we are about to find out."
— Pvt. Martin's journal entry on D-Day

"Ste. Mere-Eglise-Day" is the fourth mission in Call of Duty and Call of Duty Classic. The player must hold Ste. Mere Eglise against a counterattack by German Panzers and infantry trying to take back the town.



The level begins in Ste. Mere-Eglise, where Pvt. Martin, Cpt. Foley, and several other soldiers are caught in the open by a German mortar bombardment. The squad takes cover in the ground floor of a house until the attack ceases, and Foley tells Pvt. Johnson to investigate. Unless Martin intervenes, Johnson is shot dead by a German soldier as they begin to counterattack the town. The American soldiers fend off the German infantry until a Tiger I appears, and Foley tells Martin to get a Panzerfaust 60. Martin finds one in a crate in the destroyed church and uses it to destroy the tank. After this, the squad returns to the church and repulses a second German attack using MG42s.

The soldiers move to another part of the town, where the second Flakpanzer was destroyed in the previous mission. They defeat the attacking Germans and push them out of the town. As the Americans return to the town center, a second Tiger bursts through a wall and kills a paratrooper before Martin is ordered to get another Panzerfaust. After this one is destroyed, a third Tiger on the road leading into town is taken out by two paratroopers who kill the crew with their weapons and throw a grenade down the hatch. Moving further along the road, Foley, Martin, and the others meet up with Pvt. Parker. He tells them the location of the mortar teams which bombarded the squad earlier, and the soldiers move to attack them.

The squad attacks a well-defended manor outside of town, eliminating machine gun positions and advancing down a trench. They reach the back of the manor and kill the Germans manning the mortars. Once the position is clear, Sgt. Moody and Pvt. Elder drive a car out of a nearby garage where Foley prepares to give them new orders. Moody calls Martin to the car, and, once he enters the passenger's seat, Foley tells the three of them to deliver a request for reinforcements to Maj. Sheppard. Moody protests driving through German lines in a simple car, but Foley affirms the order and departs. Elder complains, but is told by Moody to "shut up and do your job."

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting Loadout

If this level is played after "Ste. Mere-Eglise", the player will keep any weapons from that level.




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