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The Steel Dragon is an EDI energy heavy weapon in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


"Powerful energy beam with auto tracking. (No ammo crate refills)"
— Singleplayer description

The Steel Dragon appears in the campaign as the F-SpAr Torch. It first appears in "Rising Threat", used by Dan "Wolf" Lyall to fend off several SDF soldiers and a C12.

After the player arrives on the Retribution, it can be equipped as a secondary weapon under an assigned Heavies slot. The Torch is useful for taking out groups of enemies, as well as destroying C12 tanks and C6 drones efficiently.

In the operation Taken Dagger, it can be collected after it is dropped by an R-C8 before Salter and Reyes escape Galaxius).

Along with the Ballista EM3 and the P-LAW, the Torch is one of the very few weapons in the campaign capable of completely gibbing human enemies.


  • Weapon Type - Launcher
  • Bullet Type - Energy
  • Special Features - Continual Energy Beam


"Heavy beam based weapon with multi-target tracking."
— Description

In multiplayer, the Steel Dragon is the default payload for Merc. It is advised to take it out when facing more than just one player at a time, as its stopping power might not be enough to take out the enemy in time. Instead, it should be advised to take it out on a group of two to four player as its multi-target tracking ability will make use of it's powerful accuracy and overall speed of the beam.

The March 10th, 2017 patch increased the Steel Dragon's sprint out time, reducing the close-range capabilities of the Steel Dragon.[1]


While the weapon itself is not available in Zombies mode, its effects appear in trap form, as the Steel Dragon Trap.



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