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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
For similar weapons, see Signal Flare and Flare.
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The Sticky Flare is a buildable in the Extinction maps Mayday, Awakening and Exodus. It functions similarly to the normal flare, but it will explode afterwards.

Upon crafting the sticky flare, the player will receive two of them, and it will go in the player's tactical slot. It can be stuck to walls, ceilings, Cryptids, and other players. This item is very useful in helping complete accuracy challenges. When a stuck to a Rhino, the Rhino will stop moving until the flare explodes.

The Sticky Flare essentially acts like a Monkey Bomb - it will distract Cryptids for a very long period of time, and then explode. The Sticky Flare has a very long operating time, and it acts as a great distraction to allow the player to either do objectives, or to get the player out of a troubling situation.

The Sticky Flare will beep when active, and when it is about to explode, the Sticky Flare will beep more rapidly.

In Mayday and Exodus, the schematics are found on workbenches around the map. In Awakening, the schematics are found in the corners of the map and share locations with the ARK attachment. Players should be wise to use caution when hunting for schematics in Awakening as the aforementioned locations are usually guarded by Rhinos, Mammoths, Scorpions and Hunters.