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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Stimulus Package[1] is the first downloadable map pack released for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on March 30 for Xbox 360,[2] the second being the Resurgence Pack. It was available for the Xbox 360 thirty days earlier than for other systems.[3] The downloadable content includes five maps. Two maps make a return from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: Crash and Overgrown. The map pack was released for the Xbox 360 for 1200 Microsoft Points, or $14.99US,[4] on March 30, 2010[5] and was made available worldwide on the PSN by May 5, however North American PS3 users were able to play a day earlier on May 4. PC users received it worldwide on May 4, 2010 for a price of $14.99US or £11.99.

A site was launched to promote the map pack, called The website stated that the "cure" for "mapathy", defined as a state of indifference to the same old maps one has been playing for the last several months, was coming to Xbox Live on March 30.

Despite rumors of the inclusion of other new content such as Special Ops missions, Challenges, Playercard, Perks, and weapons, Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling denied those rumors and they do not appear once downloaded. There was a "Stimulus" playlist which allowed the player to play every game type on the new maps. There were also a "Stimulus Hardcore" playlist that allowed the player to play Hardcore Team Deathmatch, Hardcore Ricochet HQ Pro, and Hardcore Ricochet Search and Destroy on the new maps. Both playlists do not support the Xbox 360's 'party chat' function.



Map pack trailer
Overview of the three new maps
Commercial aired on Xbox LIVE


  • The names "Stimulus Package" and Bailout are references to the actions of the U.S. government during the then recent economic recession in America.
  • Upon the release of the map pack, many players were unable to join a game, regardless of if they had the map or not. This was due to an issue regarding the order of which two updates (map and game) were installed. The issue has since been resolved, although some players still experience the problem, even after downloading the map pack (only confirmed on PS3).
  • If a Stimulus map is voted, there is a higher chance of the next map also being from the Stimulus package.