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For another variant, see Browning M1919.
For other uses, see Stinger.
Stinger Model WWII
Damage 50-40 (MP)
Damage Multipliers 1.1x (Head)
Weapon Class Light Machine Gun
Magazine Size 80 rounds (100 w/ Extended Mag)
Starting Ammunition 80+160 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition 80+320 (MP)
Reload Time 7s (5.2s add time)
Rate of Fire 312 RPM (343 w/ Rapid Fire)
Recoil Low
Fire Mode Automatic
Console codename(s) m1919_mp
"Full-auto LMG that offers the highest damage output in class at the expense of slow mobility traits."
— Description

The Stinger is a light machine gun that was added to Call of Duty: WWII with the Attack of the Undead event. 

Nazi ZombiesEdit

The Stinger is available from the Mystery Box in all maps and from the LMG Waffenboxes in the Tortured Path.