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The Stormbreaker was a decommissioned Chinese naval destroyer appeared in the Extinction level "Mayday". It was captained by David Archer after being bartered to him by his foreign client, Contact 28.


Prior to being used for Archer's expedition, Stormbreaker was commissioned in the Chinese military, until its retirement for unknown reasons.


Following the discovery of global Cryptid colonies in existence, David Archer, leader of the Nightfall Program, sought to locate another Ark like the one recovered from the colony at Caldera Peak. Through his research, Archer discovered another colony located beneath Ball's Pyramid in the South Pacific, and intended to acquire a vessel and crew to embark on the voyage there. Bargaining with numerous clients, he was finally given his demands after confirming his offer's legitimacy with the enigmatic Contact 28, who arranged to provide Archer with the decommissioned Stormbreaker. After the Cryptid outbreak at Nightfall's head facility, Archer escaped into the Alaskan frontier with only a handful of the Program's scientists, including his polyglotist savant Dr. Samantha Cross, and began his expedition for the colony.


With his new vessel and patrons to serve on board, Archer oversaw the surgical bonding of Dr. Cross to the Beacon Amplifier, a device created by the renowned scientist Dr. Kassar. Now using Samantha's brain as a clairvoyant to Ball's Pyramid, Archer tasked Kassar with the interrogation of Cross while he investigated the commanding forces behind the Cryptids, hoping to sabotage this control with Cross' own brain. As the interrogations continued, Stormbreaker's crew suffered from nightmares and paranoia, leading some as far as to try to even kill Cross. After 25 days at sea, Archer, fearing the expedition's future, gained contact with the DIA's General "Godfather" Castle, intending to negotiate terms of evacuation under the identity of a double-agent.

Although Godfather agreed to extract him, Archer's own fears became a reality when an interrogation session went awry, leading to the Cryptid specimens aboard the vessel beginning a mass-outbreak. As Stormbreaker neared its destination, Cross alerted the aquatic guardian tasked with protecting the Arks to destroy the ship, forcing the Rapid Reaction Force into action after intercepting a distress call from the ship. In accordance to he and Archer's negotiations, Godfather demanded Dr. Cross' brain was extracted, forcing CIF Team One to attempt to kill her with chlorine gas. However, as the gas reached lethality, Cross disappeared from the ship, the Beacon Amplifier along with her. After defeating the Kraken and escaping with Archer, Stormbreaker sank beneath the Tasman Sea, destroyed from the battle.