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Stormraven is one of the four variations of Geistkraft energy developed by the German research in Mittelburg. It is used to craft mods and as a source of energy for the Hurricane Tesla Gun variant battery.


It refers to one of the four mythical weapons wielded by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa's Royal Guards.

The name "Storm" came from the energy released by the Hurricane weapon, which was a legendary Warhammer said to summon a force of a mighty storm when evil approached. Klaus Fischer named one of the four variants of the Tesla Gun after this weapon.

Its energy source might be related to Wüstlings since they are used as a method to recharge the Hurricane's variant battery.


This Geistkraft variation form mainly provides weaponry that mainly improves power from normal variations, such as the Universal Mods Class, which are essentially class perks that enhances general gameplay, and also the storm-based projectile fired from the Hurricane tesla gun upgrade.

  • Mods Class: Universal Mods
    • Mods that affect general gameplay, regardless of one's special ability, similar to Blitz Machines.
  • Weapon Variant: Hurricane
    • Fires a storm ball that blasts any zombies in its direction.

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