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"Bring pride to our nation."
— SDC announcer when beginning match.

The Strategic Defense Coalition, also abbreviated as SDC, is a faction in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. They are an East Asian Chinese-led strategic military alliance. This is one of the largest military alliances in the world during the Second Cold War after NATO.

Depending on how the player performs in the Strike Force missions, Russia, India, Afghanistan, and Iran may become members or they will ally with JSOC and join the fight against Raul Menendez.

If the player succeeds in all of the Strike Force missions, the SDC will ally with JSOC and Premier Chen will be relieved during the introduction of "Cordis Die". SDC will send their drones to defend the U.S.S. Barack Obama from Menendez's drone attacks in the mission "Odysseus" and will also send elite troops to eliminate Cordis Die mercenary snipers in the final mission "Judgment Day."

If the player fails in one or all of the Strike Force missions, the SDC will invade Russia and make them join the coalition. With this, the Chinese Army will be under Chairman Zhao's orders and Premier Chen cannot support the JSOC and their allies. During the introduction cut-scene of "Cordis Die", he will be hostile to Bosworth and blame the Americans for the drone invasion, which will result in the U.S. having a bad relationship with China.

Judging by the holographic map in the briefing before the start of the Strike Force mission, SDC has a considerable amount of members from different countries. David also stated that if Russia joined the SDC, they would be the single largest military alliance on the planet.

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

When the People's Republic of China was crippled due to terrorist Raul Menendez's cyber attack on the Chinese stock market, China cut off their mineral trade to the United States of America, denying the U.S. vital resources and setting two global superpowers against each other and starting the Second Cold War. The war led General Tian Zhao to form the Strategic Defense Coalition to try and align Asia into one large military force in order to face the Western World. The 11 founding country’s were China, Pakistan, Burma, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Nepal, and Bhutan.

The original 11 countries agreed to join the military and political alliance for different reasons, but most joined so they wouldn’t be invaded by China or pressured into joining. Out of all countries, China held the most resources and with many soldiers coming from China, China was the leader of the SDC.

The alliance was opposed to NATO, competing who would have the largest military alliance on the planet. With Raul Menendez planning a large wave of attacks on the United States and China being hacked by U.S. drones, the two descended into war.

Second Cold War[edit | edit source]

Tian Zhao, chairman of the SDC

General Tian Zhao planned to invade India’s northern province of Himachal Pradesh, where they faced a United States Army base called FOB Spectre. The base had many defense mechanisms that defended the rest of India from attack. If the base was taken out, the SDC could invade India. On May 21, Zhao sent a large force of SDC troops to capture this base. The initial attack wiped out many U.S. troops, so JSOC sent a Strike Force to assist in the defense of the base. Depending on the players' actions, the SDC will either pull out of India or successfully invade and conquer India.

General Zhao then began to set his sights on other countries. He had cruise missiles aimed at Iran aboard the SDC navy freighter, docked in Singapore. When the US heard of this, they sent another Strike Force to destroy the freighter carrying the missiles. Depending on the players' actions again, they may either successfully take over Iran or be forced to cancel their plot. Zhao then came up with another plan to take over Afghanistan, he wanted to assassinate Afghan politicians in order to weaken the government, and according to the players' actions, JSOC’s drones will either thwart the plot or fail and Zhao will take Afghanistan.

The United States had finally decided to end Zhao’s reign of terror, so they sent another Strike Team in order to take him out. While General Zhao was flying over Peshawar, Pakistan, the Strike Force either successfully shoots down his VTOL and shoots Zhao, or Zhao successfully escapes.

If Zhao survives, he invades Russia and successfully conquers Russia. In the end, China won’t be able to help JSOC and Chen won’t be able to help America. If Zhao is killed, then China will save the U.S.S. Obama and will ally with JSOC to kill/capture Raul Menendez.

Member States[edit | edit source]

  • People's Republic of China
  • Mongolia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Tajikistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • North Korea (Presumably a member or observer state within/maintaining close relations with the alliance as it is mentioned having a role in the story of the game.)
  • Pakistan (Given the number of SDC troops stationed there, Pakistan appears to have some degree of close relations or alliance with China. It is unknown if Pakistan is either an full state member, observer, dialogue partner, or has applied for membership.)
  • Afghanistan (If the Strike Force level is failed)
  • Iran (If the Strike Force level is failed)
  • India (If the Strike Force level is failed)
  • Russia (If the Strike Force level "Dispatch" is failed)

They also appear as a faction in multiplayer, always opposing SEAL Team Six.

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Handguns[edit | edit source]

Submachine Guns[edit | edit source]

Assault Rifles[edit | edit source]

Light Machine Guns[edit | edit source]

Launchers[edit | edit source]

​Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Multiplayer Maps[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Dominate them."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Force them to fear you."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Force them to fear us."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Leave no one alive."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Eliminate all that oppose us."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Report when victory is yours."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Failure is not an option."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Failure will not be tolerated."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Strike fear into their hearts."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Do what you must to ensure success."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Crush all that oppose you."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Our mission cannot fail."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Bring pride to our nation."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"This will be our greatest triumph."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Strike fear into them."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Crush all that oppose us."
— Beginning of a multiplayer match.
"Our generals will be pleased."
— Winning a multiplayer match.
"Our enemies have failed."
— Winning a multiplayer match.
"For our nation."
— Winning a multiplayer match.
"You have pleased our generals."
— Winning a multiplayer match.
"We have succeeded in our mission."
— Winning a multiplayer match.
"As expected, you have not failed us."
— Winning a multiplayer match.
"You have disgraced our nation."
— Losing a multiplayer match.
"You have displeased our generals."
— Losing a multiplayer match.
"A shameful defeat."
— Losing a multiplayer match.
"Defeat is not an option, you will be dealt with."
— Losing a multiplayer match.
"You have disgraced yourself."
— Losing a multiplayer match.
"They have overpowered us."
— Losing a multiplayer match.
"All others are dead, the fate of the mission is on you."
— A player is the last one alive.
"叫他滚走 (Tell him to get the fuck out), get him out of my sight!"
— A player is kicked.
"確認三個。(Three confirmed.)"
— The pilot's word when Lightning Strike kills 3 enemies.

"黏彈!快跑啊!(Sticky! Run!)"
— A soldier is stuck by a Semtex or an explosive arrow.
"丟出去了!(Throwing out!)"
— Throwing a grenade.
"敵人已被消滅了!(Enemy eliminated!)"
— An enemy is killed.

"打中了!(Got them!)"
— An enemy is killed.

"沒事吧!?(Are you okay!?)"
— A teammate is killed.
"我在換子彈!(I'm reloading!)"
— A soldier is reloading.
"他死了!(He is dead!)"
— An enemy is killed.
"炸彈!快跑啊!(Bomb! Run!)"
— An enemy explosive device is about to blow.
— An enemy sniper is spotted.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Call of Duty ELITE, they are known as the PLA in recent matches. This is likely a mistake referring to the People's Liberation Army, the military service of China.
  • If players are on SDC's side in Multiplayer, scorestreaks' pilots will talk in Chinese.
  • Zombies in Die Rise can appear with SDC uniforms and have more health from the body armor.
  • In Uplink, SDC soldiers wear a uniform with teal digital camouflage instead of the standard blue.
  • The Sniper and Shotgunner models present in Multiplayer are never seen in Campaign.
  • In the cutscene for the Strike Force mission Dispatch, Briggs incorrectly calls them "SDC's coalition forces".
  • The SDC emblem appears on a flag in Call of Duty: Heroes as a decorative item.
  • The Common Defense Pact seems to be the spiritual successor to the SDC, although ironically enough China is neither a leading member, nor a member at all.
  • SDC soldiers speak Mandarin Chinese with a Hong Kong or Taiwanese accent, which is strange as the PLA mainly recruits soldiers from the mainland. This probably has to do with the fact that hiring voice actors from these places is easier than hiring them from the relatively secluded mainland.
    • Their grammar isn't good. But for most players who don't understand Chinese, it doesn't matter.
  • Oddly, when one of the SDC soldiers melee the player, they will occasionally shout in Russian. This is because the melee sound effect is the same from the Soviet Armed Forces in Old Wounds.
  • Strangely, the SDC soldiers don't scream in pain like other enemies when they are gibbed. This trait is shared with the Mercs.
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