"Learn the basic controls for the Strike Force levels."
— Mission description

"Strikeforce Tutorial" is the optional training mission of the Strike Force part of the campaign. This mission is available after completing "Old Wounds". The mission's purpose is to teach the player the basics of Strike Force and its abilities.


The mission takes place in India, at the same factory as "FOB Spectre" (which starts right after the tutorial). The player is instructed how to switch between different units directly, go to Tactical View, order units via Tactical View, take control of a unit via Tactical View and order units when in control of an unit.

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Weapon LoadoutEdit

SEALs' primary weaponsEdit

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  • It is actually possible for a SEAL to be killed in this mission, but only by the exploding A.S.D..
  • The player can choose the difficulty of the level despite this being a tutorial.
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