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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==

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For the semi-automatic shotgun in Modern Warfare 2, see Striker.

The Stryker is an eight-wheeled, all-wheel-drive, armored combat vehicle.

Modern Warfare 2

"Honey Badger's a mean bitch, sir."
Sgt. Foley

Two variants of the Stryker appear in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Strykers are also seen in the beginning cutscene of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS).


A Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle with a remote weapon station appears in the level Exodus. For it to work, one must "paint" a target with a laser designator, and the Stryker's machine gun will engage by putting suppressing fire on the target. It must be protected from heavy RPG fire. The Stryker in this mission is codenamed "Honey Badger", and has been requisitioned by Shepherd from the 8th Armored in order to support Hunter Two-One.

The M1128 Mobile Gun System that has a 105mm gun appears in the level "Team Player", but is also featured in the Museum. Two MGS Strykers are seen in "Team Player", the first, called "Bugs" by the Rangers, seen providing fire support against the OpFor across the river. A second Stryker, called "Punta Gorda", is seen traveling with the convoy before entering Tunnel Harvey and continuing on alone. It is then seen in the end credits.



A Stryker Variant is seen as a prop in the map "Afghan".

Spec Ops

In the Spec ops mission "Wardriving", the player uses a laser designator to 'laze' targets for Honey Badger.

Known Strykers

Modern Warfare 3

The Stryker returns in Modern Warfare 3, and can be seen escorting Delta Force through Wall Street in Black Tuesday.

Known Strykers


Modern Warfare 2

  • The Strykers in "Team Player" don't really help the player on any difficulty except recruit, whereas the one in "Exodus" is very helpful and crucial to success on any difficulty.
  • In "Team Player", when the Stryker "Bugs" shoots its 105mm gun, the player can actually see the shell coming out when it reloads.
  • In Exodus, the Stryker can shoot down helicopters if the player lazes them with their designator.
  • If the player manages to acquire an RPG-7, and fire it, the projectile will immediately fly toward Honey Badger. This can oftentimes lead to a "friendly fire will not be tolerated." as many soldiers take cover around Honey Badger. This is weird, since Honey Badger is shown to have the Quick Kill defense system which intercepts any ordnance about to hit the vehicle, guided or unguided.
  • On Veteran difficulty it is possible to be killed by the ejecting gun shells.
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