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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts The subject of this article appears in Extinction mode
"Gives 30% max stock Stun Ammo to all weapons."
— Description

Stun Ammo is an Ammo Type in Extinction mode of Call of Duty: Ghosts. It costs $1000, and causes additional damage. It also has the chances of stunning and immobilizing a Cryptid for a short period of time. It also appears in Chaos Mode, to which once it is obtained and continues to affect all weapons, including ones picked-up.

Stun Ammo is among the least commonly seen ammo types, but it can be very effective. Unlike other specialized ammo, Stun Ammo does not provide an evident additional damage effect with its ammo. Instead, Stun Ammo increases squad survivability by stunning cryptids, delaying them from attacking the user, their teammates, or objectives. The stun effect is similar to that when using the Melee attack against a Cryptid. Stun Ammo also has an armory upgrade, albeit a very bizarre one, that allows Stun Ammo to stun multiple enemies in close proximity to each other at once with an arc, similarly to the Wunderwaffe DG-2. This can be very helpful in mass crowd control and can assist in getting to pivotal positions or making a key escape, such as when getting back to the helicopter in Point of Contact or getting to the last area in Nightfall, especially if the Stun Ammo is highly upgraded, in which case it can stun several cryptids with a single bullet.

An overlooked benefit of Stun Ammo is the price. It is the cheapest ammo type available, costing a lean $1000 per box. This can be very helpful in solo play, since the user is always providing their own ammo. The lower cost of Stun Ammo can save the user thousands of dollars in the long run, in addition to allowing for more non-ammo items to be purchased. Using Stun Ammo can be a way to offset the large price tag of other items like expensive Strike Packages and Equalizers, or allowing the player to purchase things such as Electric Fences and Armor more often.

Despite the potential utility that Stun Ammo brings to the table, in addition to its rock bottom price, it is very unpopular to use, and it is often best to not use Stun Ammo so as to not have clashing ammo types with other users if playing with others.


  • Gives 30% max stock Stun ammo to all weapons.
    • +1 (Cost: 1): Gives 40% max stock Stun ammo to all weapons.
    • +2 (Cost: 1): Gives 50% max stock Stun ammo to all weapons.
    • +3 (Cost: 1): Gives 60% max stock Stun ammo to all weapons.
    • +4 (Cost: 1): Gives 70% max stock Stun ammo to all weapons.