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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts

"Get behind the guy with a Riot Shield."
— Menu desciption.

For a similar N.P.C., see Squadmate.
For a game mode with a similar name, see Squadmate Mode.

Support Squadmate is an 11 point Pointstreak (10 with Hardline) introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts. When the Support Squadmate is called in, an AI ally armed with a Riot Shield and a MP-443 Grach pistol will appear alongside the player who called the streak in. They will accompany the player and attempt to protect them from nearby enemies by distracting enemy fire to their Riot Shield. If enemies are close enough, they will either pull out their pistol and shoot and kill enemies, or quickly switch to their pistol and knife them.

Although they generally look the same, they do come in two different male skin types. The first skin type is "Male A" (white skin). However, on the map Flooded it's also possible for the Support Squadmate to have the skin type "Male F" (black skin), but it's really rare.

They have more health than an ordinary player, and this fact is made more threatening by their use of the Riot Shield. Even when putting the shield aside to attempt to shoot the player, it may still be difficult to kill them. Attacking one head on is to be avoided; they will hide behind their shield and then switch to their secondary weapon in most cases, or may bash the player with their shield in close quarters. Attacking from the side or from behind with sustained fire is a good strategy for dealing with a squadmate. Also sniping from a range is effective due to this streak only having a pistol. Should engagements move up close they can be killed instantly by knifing, even when wearing Ballistic Vests.

The Support Squadmate can pick up and equip weapons from the Ammo Crate support streak, along with the ability to pick up and wear Ballistic Vests. The player who placed the Ammo Crate or Ballistic Vests will be rewarded XP when this happens.

It's also possible, although rare, for the Support Squadmate to pick up two weapons from separate Ammo Crates, thus causing them to drop their Riot Shield. This makes them more deadly at the cost of losing the protection the shield offers. It's also possible for them to attain special weapons from an Ammo Crate, such as the Minigun, or a launcher such as the MK32

The Support Squadmate will capture flags in Domination as long as the player is capturing the flag too. This makes the process of capturing a flag quicker, also rewarding double points. They will also pick up dog tags in Kill Confirmed and Search and Rescue.

The player should be careful as the Support Squadmate can kill the user if he gets in the way of his shield bash, even with friendly fire turned off.

As of the May 13th update, the Support Squadmate has been nerfed in the fact that he shoots much slower, and that he now uses a MP-443 Grach.

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