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For the class in Call of Duty 3, see Support.

The Support Package is a Strike Chain featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Unlike the other two Strike Packages, a player's streak does not end when the player is killed and points from Strike Chain rewards in this Strike Package do not add to the player's pointstreak.[1] This Strike Package is geared towards players who support and play as a team. It is also useful for players that often die and would otherwise die too much to get sustained pointstreaks.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit

If the player changes classes, even with the same pointstreaks equipped, the player will lose all the points already earned.

Points Required


Strike Chain Reward Description
4 (3) UAV Shows enemies on the minimap as red dots for thirty seconds. Three of these active at once acts as an Advanced UAV, even three Assault UAVs.
5 (4) Counter UAV Obscure enemy minimaps with static for 26 seconds. Assassin Pro users are immune to this effect but if a UAV based killstreak is called in, the red dots or red arrows will not appear while CUAV is in effect.
5 (4) Ballistic Vests Deploy a bag of Ballistic vests for your team that gives you extra health. Useful for escaping Airdrop Trap explosions. They last 60 seconds on the field, or until destroyed by conventional means, including a single knife attack. Destroying this will count 1 point to your Point Streak.
5 (4) Airdrop Trap Kill enemies with a booby-trapped airdrop crate. Drop them near your team's spawn or in high-traffic areas, and eventually a greedy enemy will fall victim to is nearly-inescapable explosion. Will glow red to Sitrep users on the enemy team.
8 (7) SAM Turret Automated Surface to Air missile turret that destroys aerial killstreaks. It is much weaker than the SAM Turret in Black Ops, requiring all four missiles that are fired to destroy a UAV, more must be fired to take down killstreaks like attack helicopters and Reapers. The SAM Turret can also target Recon Drones. This is very helpful in taking out aircraft with flares, as they'll get wasted before you fire your Stinger Missile.
10 (9) Recon Drone Control a Recon Drone, targeting enemies for your team. enemies appear as red dots on the map in real time until killed. Assists gained with Hardline Pro using the Recon Drone will not count towards your next killstreak. Combine with the Advanced UAV and tagged enemies will appear as live red arrows, like BO1's Blackbird and BO2's Orbital VSAT.
12 (11) Advanced UAV Call in an Orbital Recon Drone that shows the position and direction of enemies in red arrows with a refresh rate of one second. Three regular UAVs active at once have the same effect as this killstreak.
12 (11) Remote Turret Deploy a small turret and remotely control it from a laptop from any place on the map; is a weaker manually controlled version of the sentry gun.
14 (13) Stealth Bomber Call in a carpet bombing airstrike that sweeps through a strip portion of the map area undetectable by enemy players. 
18 (17) EMP Temporarily disable enemy electronics and destroy any number of active enemy killstreaks on the map. Assassin Pro users will not have their weapons effected by an enemy EMP except the Javelin ground lock on, but will still have all killstreaks that are active destroyed and be unable to call in any further killstreaks until the duration of the EMP is over. Enemy airstrikes that are already called in at the time of detonation will be negated in the air!
18 (17) Juggernaut Recon Receive advanced armor via Airdrop. Unlike the assault variant, you receive a USP .45 pistol and a riot shield. This variant has the unique feature of creating a radar 'wave' similar to the Motion Sensor which reveals nearby enemies for you and your teammates. This variant is also used to help escort your teammates through enemy fire, or to effectively hold or defend objectives.
18 (17) Escort Airdrop Have a V-22 Osprey airdrop and protect 4 Care Packages and an Airdrop Trap most of the time; also sometimes a fifth Care Package will be dropped in place of the Airdrop Trap. It is AI-controlled and enemies using Blind Eye will remain undetected by the Osprey. When called in it will hover around for a little while before reaching the drop zone, so care must be taken to protect it. Also, it will not attack enemies until all five crates have been dropped.

Call of Duty: GhostsEdit

Points Required


Strike Chain Reward Description
4 (3) SAT COM Satellite communications relay enemy movements. Multiple SAT COMs enhance effects.
6 (5) Ammo Crate Deploy an Ammo Crate that supplies weapons and ammo to your team.
8 (7) Ballistic Vests Deploy a bag of Ballistic Vests for your team.
9 (8) MAAWS Free-fire a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. Lase and hold on the target to guide missiles.
10 (9) Night Owl A companion drone that detects enemies based on proximity and protects you from explosives.
11 (10) Support Squadmate Get behind the guy with a Riot Shield.
12 (11) Ground Jammer Disable enemy ground communications and electronics.
12 (11) Air Superiority Call in fighter jets to destroy enemy aircraft.
13 (12) Helo Scout Provide sniper support from a controllable helicopter.
14 (13) Oracle Uses GPS technology to detect and display enemies.
14 (13) Juggernaut Recon Receive advanced defensive armor with personal radar tech via Care Package.
16 (15) Odin Supply support from the Odin Satellite.


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