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For a similar gamemode in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified, see Hostiles mode.
For the similarly named game mode in Zombies, see Survival.
For a similar gamemode, see Safeguard (Ghosts).
For the game mode in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, see Exo Survival.

Survival Mode is a game type on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: MobilizedCall of Duty: Strike TeamCall of Duty Online, and Call of Duty: Heroes, and a Special Ops Playlist in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized, Call of Dury: Heroes and Call of Duty: Strike Team, it is exclusive to Single Player, while in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, it can be played alone or with one other player. In Call of Duty Online, it is for four to six players.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized

It is only unlocked if the player either uses a cheat code, or beats the campaign on Hardened difficulty. Doing the former only temporarily unlocks it, while doing the latter unlocks it permanently.

There are four maps in Survival. They are:

  • Withstand is in a bombed-out apartment building in Russia. There is debris all around the apartment for the player to take cover behind.
  • Persistence is in a military aircraft hangar somewhere in South America. There are several large supply cases for the player to take cover.
  • Outlast is in a small courtyard in South America. Fallen pillars, gates, and a car are all available for the player's cover.
  • Endure, the final map, is in a war-torn Middle-Eastern town. Debris is littered everywhere for cover.

When the player first unlocks the mode, they will begin with Withstand only, and other maps are progressively unlocked. To unlock a map, the player must survive at least three minutes in the previous map. At the beginning of every game, the player starts out with a USP and three Frag Grenades, but there are three randomly generated weapons that spawn on the ground, and eight seconds are given for the player to gather these weapons, and/or to find cover. The weapons include the M4A1 Red Dot, AN-94, AK-74, P90, MP5, MP7, M40A3, AA-12, M249, and the RPG-7. The weapons are replaced every 60 seconds. All of the weapons have a large amount of spare ammunition, and, in the M249's case, it has a 200-round mag, where it would be found in other modes to have a 100-round mag.

There is no co-op for this mode.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

"In Survival mode you will fight off waves of increasingly difficult enemies as you earn XP and unlock several types of armories to expand your arsenal and load-out customization along the way."
— Description of Survival Mode in the Survival Mode trailer

Survival Mode appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as a game type within Special Ops mode. In Survival Mode, players must fend off waves of A.I controlled enemies on various multiplayer maps. Overlord will be heard in all of the maps as he helps out the player/s and gives them waves during the missions. The waves are semi-random with certain waves predetermined, while others contain increasingly large and powerful contingents of forces such that in the later stages of the game, players can expect to face multiple Juggernauts, Dogs strapped with C4 and enemy air support simultaneously. In this game mode, friendly fire is enabled.

Gameplay is noticeably more arcade-like in Survival Mode when compared to the campaign; the player is more accurate when firing while moving or firing from the hip, being shot does not cause their view to be thrown off as badly, and enemy soldiers can survive more damage than in campaign or Special Ops. There is no means of winning in this game mode, because the waves will continue until one player has been eliminated; in co-op, if either player dies, the round ends. As with Special Ops missions, co-op is available for this mode, both online and split-screen.

Survival Mode also features a currency system which allows players to buy items such as air support, sentry turrets, weapons, and even friendly NPCs to assist the player throughout the match. Revenue is generated by killing enemies and can be multiplied by chaining numerous kill sprees. Six factors at the end of each wave also provide a certain amount, depending on the total time, wave number, enemies slain, accuracy, damage inflicted on the player and headshots. Furthermore, assisting in an enemy kill will reward the assisting player a fraction of the total amount received by the player who performed the kill. Three "Armories" are placed in fixed locations around the map and are activated over the course of the first few rounds; the Weapon Armory provides ammunition for guns, and allows the purchase of bullet-firing weapons and their accessories. The Equipment Armory provides armor, grenades, and special items like sentry turrets and claymores. Finally, the Air Support Armory allows the player to call in assistance from orbiting aircraft, such as Perk drops, Predator missiles and small groups of friendly NPC soldiers delivered by helicopter. Only one Perk can be used at a time, buying and equipping another Perk will simply replace the previous one. Likewise, purchasing a new weapon will remove the previous firearm. Typically a map will place two of the Armories close together and one a significant distance away.

In addition to their normal regenerating health, players can purchase flak jackets to provide a fixed amount of protection before they start taking health damage. Armour does not regenerate, and can only be replenished by buying more at the Equipment Armory.

When a wave is over, players can press the appropriate button to start the next wave, or simply wait 30 seconds for the next wave to start automatically. This is to allow players some time to ready themselves between waves or buy support, weapons, perks, weapon attachments, equipment, etc.

Survival Mode also has a ranking system similar to multiplayer, but unlike multiplayer's maximum rank of 80, in Survival Mode the maximum rank is 50. It takes 2176500 XP to finish the final level, whereas in multiplayer only 1746200 XP is required. Experience earned within a Survival Mode game is accumulated, allowing the player to purchase improved equipment and weapons as they rank up. Completing Mission Mode challenges also provides players with experience points.

Maps are categorized by four difficulties: Easy, Regular, Hard, and Insane. Four maps are found in each difficulty. In Easy maps, the player spawns with a Five Seven, two Flashbangs, two Frag Grenades, full body armor, and Self Revive. In Regular maps, the player spawns with the same equipment as Easy, except the player wields a USP .45. In the Hard maps, the player spawns with an MP412, two flashbangs, no frag grenades, full body armor, and Self Revive. In the Insane maps, the player spawns with an M16A4 w/ Red Dot Sight and built in Rapid Fire, a Five Seven, no grenades, full body armor, and no Self Revive. DLC maps, however, are given varying difficulties.


Tier 1 (Easy) - unlocked by default

Tier 2 (Regular) - unlocked at level 8

Tier 3 (Hard) - unlocked at level 15

Tier 4 (Insane) - unlocked at level 25


Tier 2 (Regular) - Unlocked by download

Tier 5 (Pretty Insane) - Unlocked by download

Tier 6 (Very Insane) - Unlocked by download


The enemy soldiers in Survival Mode progress through a variety of increasingly better armed and armored variants. Additionally, a number of special enemy types will appear semi-randomly in certain waves.

Numbers in brackets represent the amount of money received when the enemy is killed.

  • Light troops armed with a Model 1887 and a Five Seven/USP.45 ($100). They are weak and only take a single knife slash or a few shots from a pistol to kill, and typically are harmless past a certain range, as they carry shotguns. On Easy difficulty, they stop spawning at wave 3.
  • Medium troops armed with an MP5 and a Five Seven/USP.45/MP412 ($125) They are slightly stronger enemies, but not too threatening because their MP5 is rather weak, and they have poor accuracy. They stop spawning at wave 5.
  • Heavy troops armed with an AK-47 and a Five Seven/USP.45/MP412 ($150) These enemies are similar to the previous Medium troops, but more dangerous as they carry AK-47's, and are more accurate. They stop spawning at wave 9.
  • Commando troops armed with an ACR 6.8 and a Five Seven/USP.45/MP412 ($200) These enemies are incredibly dangerous troops who are clad in heavy armor and carring ACR's, firing accurately and moving fast. They stop spawning at wave 14.
  • Heavy commando troops armed with an FAD and a Five Seven/USP.45/MP412 ($275) These enemies are the final normal enemy encountered in easy difficulty, being the standard enemy fought at all waves past wave 15. They, in addition to running extremely fast, are clad from head to toe in black, juggernaut-esque armor, and are extremely accurate, dealing massive amounts of damage to the player at nearly any distance. They also have a ton of health, taking well over two full magazines from most assault rifles to kill.
  • Suicide troops armed with a USAS 12 and strapped with C4, which will blow up when they absorb enough damage ($150) They are typically very easy enemies to deal with, who spawn across nearly all waves, becoming another standard enemy later on. While they are easily dispatched, they are a huge threat up close since they explode when killed, but this can be used to the player's advantage to blow up other enemies.
  • Attack dogs ($100). Their loud barking can serve as an early warning as to where they are coming from, but they are incredibly dangerous up close unless quickly killed, as they can instantly kill the player if the player fails the quick time event. Even if the event is completed, more often than not, while going through the animation of snapping the dog's neck, large amounts of hostiles will have run up and started shooting the player, oftentimes trapping and killing them.
  • Attack dogs strapped with C4, which will blow up when they absorb enough damage ($150) These dogs are just like before, except they now carry C4 on them, which makes them even more dangerous to fight, but they can also be used against enemy targets up close.
  • Chemical Agents armed with a PP90M1, who will set down chemical mines and carry tanks filled with chemicals around with them, which will spray gas around the map ($150) They only spawn on harder maps. They aren't too dangerous when alive, but the gas they leave behind when killed slows down the player and blurs their vision, which is incredibly dangerous on higher levels, where getting caught in a gas cloud can spell doom for the player in seconds.
  • Juggernauts armed with a PKP Pecheneg ($500) They are slow moving, but will sprint very fast at the player if the player gets too far away from them.
  • Riot Shield Juggernauts armed with a PKP Pecheneg and a Riot Shield ($750) Same as before, but they also carry a riot shield. They typically crouch walk slowly towards the player, firing if they get too far away or too close, and otherwise just slowly move towards the player, not shooting until at the right distance. They become identical to normal Juggernauts if they lose their riot shield.
  • Claymore Experts armed with a PM-9, claymores and a Five Seven/ USP.45/ MP412 which will booby trap random areas ($150) They are about as strong as Heavy Troops, but aren't too much of a threat because they carry a weak gun, but the claymores they set can deal serious damage to unaware players. Claymores they set down are usually put around corners or areas near buy stations. Due to how chaotic and fast-paced Surival Mode can be, players often have little to no time to scan the ground for Claymores, often leading to players getting blown up by them in the heat of a firefight.
  • Little Birds armed with a nose-mounted Minigun ($600) They are pretty weak as they only take two assault rifle mags to destroy, but they make up for this by coming every few rounds late game, sometimes appearing back-to-back between two or even three waves. Thier minigun is incredibly strong and they can easily down and kill a player in a second or two, but they don't fire for very long and will often retreat behind cover for a few seconds, giving a second player ample time to shoot them down.
  • Armored Juggernauts armed with a PKP Pecheneg ($1000) Same as Riot Shield Juggernauts, but they now look slightly different and have nearly double the health of normal Juggernauts, now taking well over 5 assault rifle mags to kill them. They behave like Riot Shield juggernauts otherwise.

Note: All of the above-listed enemies, except the Juggernauts (and their variants), Dogs, C4 Dogs and helicopters drop their listed weapon when they are killed. The Riot Shield Juggernauts may occasionally drop their shield if it wasn't broken by the player, however.


Before each round the player is assigned two random challenges from the list below, appearing as bars in the lower left of the HUD. Each time the bar is completely filled, the player will gain $500 multiplied by the number of times the bar has been filled in the current round. A new pair of challenges are assigned when the next round begins, and partially-filled bars do not carry over between rounds even if the game has issued the same challenges as before.

  • Kill Streak: Kill four enemies without taking damage. Bar is wiped if the player takes damage.
  • Rampage: Kill multiple enemies in quick succession. Bar slowly decreases if the player kills no enemies.
  • Headshot: Kill four enemies with headshots.
  • Knife Streak: Kill five enemies with the knife in a row. Bar decreases if the player kills enemies with something other than the knife.
  • Quad Kill: Kill four enemies at once.
  • Flash Kill: Kill five flashed enemies.

Weapon Armory


  • Refill Bullet Ammo: Refill for $750, unlocked by default

Assault Rifles

All Assault Rifles cost $3000

  • M4A1 unlocked by default.
  • M16A4 unlocked by default. Primary starting weapon on tier 4 maps with Red Dot Sight. Delta Force members equip this by default.
  • SCAR-L unlocked at level 5.
  • ACR 6.8 unlocked at level 14. Primary starting weapon on Off Shore with Shotgun (attachment) and ACOG Scope. Commando troops equip this by default.
  • AK-47 unlocked at level 24. Heavy troops equip this by default.
  • FAD unlocked at level 32. Heavy commando troops equip this by default.
  • G36C unlocked at level 39.
  • CM901 unlocked at level 43.
  • MK14 unlocked at level 47.
  • Type 95 unlocked at level 50.

Submachine Guns

All Submachine Guns cost $2000

  • MP5 unlocked by default. Medium troops and riot squad alllies equip this by default.
  • UMP45 unlocked at level 4.
  • MP7 unlocked at level 13.
  • PM-9 unlocked at level 23. Claymore experts equip this by default.
  • PP90M1 unlocked at level 38. Chemical agents equip this by default.
  • P90 unlocked at level 46.

Light Machine Guns

All Light Machine Guns cost $7000

  • M60E4 unlocked at level 12.
  • PKP Pecheneg unlocked at level 18. All types of Juggernauts equip this by default but the player cannot use them or collect ammo for said weapon.
  • MK46 unlocked at level 34.
  • L86 LSW unlocked at level 41.
  • MG36 unlocked at level 48.


Sniper Rifles

All Sniper Rifles cost $2000


All Handguns cost $250

  • Five Seven unlocked by default. Starting weapon on tier 1 and tier 4 maps; Overwatch, Black Box, FoundationSanctuary and Terminal. Light troops, medium troops, heavy troops, commando troops, heavy commando troops and claymore experts equip this if in Final Stand on the maps where players equip it.
  • USP .45 unlocked by default. Starting weapon on tier 2 maps, DecommissionPiazzaLiberation and Gulch. Light troops, medium troops, heavy troops, commando troops, heavy commando troops and claymore experts equip this if in Final Stand on the maps where players equip it.
  • MP412 unlocked at level 2. Starting weapon on tier 3 maps. Light troops, medium troops, heavy troops, commando troops, heavy commando troops and claymore experts equip this if in Final Stand on the maps where players equip it.
  • Desert Eagle unlocked at level 11
  • .44 Magnum unlocked at level 20
  • P99 unlocked at level 40

Machine Pistols

All Machine Pistols cost $1500

  • G18, unlocked by default.
  • Skorpion, unlocked at level 3
  • MP9, unlocked at level 17
  • FMG9, unlocked at level 37


Scope Attachments

  • Holographic Sight for $1000, unlocked by default.
  • Red Dot Sight for $750, unlocked at level 7, granted on tier 4 maps by default.
  • ACOG Scope for $1250, unlocked at level 30, granted on Off Shore by default.

Under-barrel Attachments

  • Grip for $1250, unlocked at level 19
  • Grenade Launcher for $1500, unlocked at level 28
    • M203 (Underbarrel on the M16A4 and M4A1 only)
    • GP-25 (Underbarrel on the AK-47 only)
    • M320 (Underbarrel on the ACR 6.8, CM901, FAD, G36C, MK14, SCAR-L and Type 95) 
  • Shotgun for $1500, unlocked at level 45, only for assault rifles, granted on Off Shore by default.

Equipment Armory

  • Frag Grenade Refill for $750, unlocked by default
  • Flashbang Refill for $1000, unlocked by default
  • Claymore x5 for $1000 (10 Max), unlocked at level 2. Claymore experts equip this by default, as do chemical agents (though the latter uses a variant that 'poisons' players rather than true explosives)
  • C4 x5 for $1500 (10 Max), unlocked at level 3. Suicide bombers and bomb dogs equip this by default.
  • Body Armor for $2000, unlocked at level 10. 250 points of armour are given with each purchase, but it becomes less and less useful as time goes on, as enemies will start to deal signifcantly more damage in later waves, eventually being able to chew through a fresh set of armour in mere seconds, making armour a waste of money at higher rounds.
  • Self Revive for $4000, unlocked at level 12
  • Sentry Gun for $3000, unlocked at level 17
  • RPG-7 x2 for $2000 (4 Max), unlocked at level 27. Using this will replace the player's currently equipped weapon, resulting in the RPG-7 being seldom used.
  • Sentry Grenade Launcher for $4000, unlocked at level 31. These fire 40mm grenades that explode on impact, but they often destroy themselves from firing at enemies at too close of a range. The explosion can also kill players and AI squadmates, making this sentry very dangerous to the player overall unless put in a safe area, but they are also very powerful as a tradeoff, dealing significant damage to enemies. They fire grenades rather slowly, however, so they will not deal with as many enemies as normal sentries do.
  • Riot Shield for $3000, unlocked at level 37. Riot Shield Juggernauts and riot squad allies equip this by default. Note: It can be broken if it absorbs enough damage. Putting it away and picking it back up does not reset the health of the riot shield.

Air Support Armory

  • Predator Missile for $2500, unlocked by default. Useful for killing helicopters in one shot, or juggernauts. The laptop the player uses to call in the missile can also be used to see where enemies are, as the UAV constantly flying over the map never goes away. Enemies are marked with a red box and they glow white with a FLIR vision overlay. The laptop is discarded when the missile is fired, requiring the player purchase a second missile if they wish to continue using the UAV for seeing where enemies are.
  • Air Strike for $2500, unlocked at level 4. There is a short delay between when the smoke marker is thrown, and when the shots arrive so timing needs to be taken into account. The blast is the strongest weapon the player has access to in survival, able to wipe out entire waves of enemies with a single blast, including juggernauts. However, this also applies to the player and any allies caught in the blast.
  • Delta Squad for $3000, unlocked at level 14. They carry M16A4's and are accurate, but easily killed due to the lack of heavy armor. Three of them rappel in via helicopter when used.
  • Riot Shield Squad for $5000, unlocked at level 21. They carry MP5's and breakable riot shield, and are very tough, making the 5000$ a worthwhile investment, as they can be kept alive for several waves in a row if the player protects them well enough. Their riot shield can be eventually broken, making them much weaker. Extreme caution must be taken with them around dogs, as an attack dog will usually try to target one of them, knocking him over and killing him if the dog is not shot off quickly enough. This will also make them lose their riot shield. They can also be knocked over by other enemies and will typically be killed, but if they survive, they get back up with their riot shield.
  • As a side note with both types of purchasable squad mates, they can be killed with friendly fire from all player weapons except regular Sentry Guns (explosive sentries can still easily kill them), making it important the player is careful with where they are shooting.
  • Perk Care Package


I Live (10 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Survive 1 wave in a Special Ops Survival game.

Serrated Edge (15 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Finish a Juggernaut with a knife in Special Ops.

Arms Dealer (20 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Buy all items from the Survival Weapon Armory.

Danger Zone (20 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Buy all items from the Survival Air Support Armory.

Defense Spending (20 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Buy all the items from the Survival Equipment Armory.

Birdie (20 Gamerscore.png/ Bronze trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Kill 2 enemy helicopters without getting hit in a Special Ops Survival game.

Survivor (20 Gamerscore.png/ Silver trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Reach Wave 10 in each mission of Special Ops Survival mode.

Get Rich or Die Trying (25 Gamerscore.png/ Silver trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Have $50,000 in your current balance in Survival mode.

Unstoppable (40 Gamerscore.png/ Silver trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon.png) - Reach Wave 15 in each mission of Special Ops Survival mode.

Survival Mode Enemies


Call of Duty: Strike Team

Survival Mode also appears in Call of Duty: Strike Team.





Call of Duty Online

Survival Mode appears in Call of Duty Online, which is unlocked when the player completes Hero Ops. It allows a minimum of four players and a maximum of six players to play.




Call of Duty: Heroes

Survival Mode also appears in Call of Duty: Heroes, and is unlocked by getting the player's Command Center to Level 4. The game mode is a way for the player to test their base's health. There are 150 waves. Every five waves, the player will earn Medals Medal Icon CoDH.png, which can be used to purchase and upgrade Heroes. After every five waves, the player's progress is also saved due to them reaching a "checkpoint", so next time they play they will resume at the most recent checkpoint they got to. This happens even if the player's base is destroyed.



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

"Assemble your team and defend yourselves against waves of increasingly difficult threats, earnin the experience and equipment to outlast the enemy."
— In-game description

Survival mode returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as part of the Special Ops mode. It was exclusive on the Playstation 4 platform until 1st October, 2020. [1] [2]

Much like in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, In Survival Mode, players must fend off endless waves of A.I controlled enemies on various multiplayer maps. CIA Agent Kate Laswell and Sgt. Kamarov will be heard as they help out the player/s calling out enemy reinforcements, like more infantry, helicopters or Juggernauts throughout the waves. Some waves are still semi-random but predetermined, while others contain deadly contingents of forces capable of downing the whole team in matter of seconds if not dealt quickly, such as Suicide Bombers, Juggernauts and enemy air support.

Gameplay is mostly like the other titles (e.g. players will spawn with only a X16 as a starting pistol in all maps) but there are some differences especially with the A.I. difficulty. Enemies are as accurate as in Operations and their strength is all based on health and weapon damage from Multiplayer, which can cause the player to be downed quickly depending on the gun that shot them making enemies armed with the AK-47 , FR 5.56 or FAL (which have a 2-3 shot time to kill in multiplayer) quite dangerous even in small numbers. Also, the enemies don't all spawn on the edges of the map but instead just right near the players' surroundings while some do not advance until a player steps out of cover in order to attack them. At the end of a wave, 35 seconds is given before the start of the next one to spend the currency at the Armories.

The traditional 3 Survival Armories have returned, being placed in fixed locations and active between waves. There is the Weapon Armory, allowing the purchase of all classes including launchers, melee weapons, riot shields and all Gunsmith attachments and weapon perks. The Equipment Armory now gives access to all lethal and tactical equipment from multiplayer, while the Support Armory provides the players Killstreaks, Ammo, Grenade or Armor crates, Trophy Systems and Tactical Insertion flares in order to revive fallen teammates. The Armories can be close together or spread out far away depending on the size of the map.

This mode also features a currency system which allows players to buy items such as air support, explosives and weapons, that can be earned by killing enemies. Unlike previous installsments, there are no challenges, bonus currency earned at the end of a wave or an option to start the next one whatsoever.

Survival Mode now is tied with the multiplayer progression, counting XP earned in a match to level up ranks in public matches and even sharing their unlocks like equipment, Killstreaks and Weapons, requiring them to be unlocked in multiplayer before using them in Survival Mode.

There are no more maps categorized by difficulty levels and Survival Mode is not available in all of them, which are going to be added via updates in the future.



Season events

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four 


  • Al-Qatala Common Infantry (armed with Model 680 and Uzi) - first spawning at Wave 1
  • Al-Qatala Light Infantry (armed with AK-47, FAL, FR 5.56, PKM, M1911) - first spawning at Wave 3
  • Russian Light Infantry (armed with AK-47, FAL, FR 5.56, PKM, M1911) - first spawning at Wave 5
  • Russian Armored Infantry (armed with AK-47, FAL, FR 5.56, PKM, M1911) - first spawning at Wave 7
  • Snipers (armed with Kar98k) - first spawning at Wave 5
  • RPG Troopers (armed with RPG-7) - first spawning at Wave 4
  • Helicopters (Little Bird) - first spawning at Wave 10
  • Suicide Bombers (unarmed with Suicide Vest) - first spawning at Wave 12
  • Juggernaut (armed with Minigun) - first spawning at Wave 5

Kill Rewards

  • Deal damage to any unit (+$10)
  • Kill a Juggernaut (+$300)
  • Kill a Russian Armored Infantry (+$110)
  • Kill a Russian Light Infantry (+$120)
  • Kill any other unit (+$100)

Weapon Armory

Assault Rifles

All Assault Rifles cost $2000

  • Kilo 141
  • FAL
  • M4A1
  • FR 5.56
  • Oden
  • M13
  • FN Scar 17
  • AK-47
  • RAM-7

Sub-machine Guns

All Sub-machine Guns cost $1500

  • AUG
  • P90
  • MP5
  • Uzi
  • PP19 Bizon
  • MP7


All Shotguns cost $1200

  • Model 680
  • R9-0 Shotgun
  • 725
  • Origin 12 Shotgun

Light-machine Guns

All Light-machine guns cost $3000

  • PKM
  • SA87
  • M91
  • MG34
  • Holger-26

Marksman Rifles

All Marksman Rifles cost $2500

  • EBR-14
  • MK2 Carbine
  • Kar98k

Sniper Rifles

All Sniper Rifles cost $2500

  • Dragunov
  • HDR
  • AX-50


All Pistols cost $700 (Except .50 GS at $1000)

  • X16
  • 1911
  • .357
  • M19
  • .50 GS


All Launchers cost $1500 (ammo only replenished by Equipment crates or by picking up from the ground)

  • PILA
  • Strela-P
  • JOKR
  • RPG-7


  • Riot Shield for $10000
  • Combat Knife for $100



All muzzles cost $500

Flash Guard · Tactical Suppressor · Lightweight Suppressor · Monolithic Suppressor · Collosus Suppressor · FSS Marauder · Oil Can Suppressor · Breacher Device · CQB Breacher Device · Muzzle Brake · Compensator · Bayonet · Choke


All barrels cost $1000 for all guns

Assault Rifles

· Kilo 141 (Singuard Arms 16.6" SOCOM · Singuard Arms 19.8" Prowler · Singuard Arms Whisper)

· FAL (18.0" Ultralight · XRK Marksman · 13.0" OSW Para)

· M4A1 (FFS 11.5" Commando · Stock M16 Grenadier · FFS 14.5" Tac Lite · Corvus Custom Marksman · FFS 12.4" Predator)

· FR 5.56 (FR 15.9" Commando · FR 24.4" Sniper · TAC FORGE Ultralight)

· Oden (Oden Factory 810mm · Oden Factory 730mm · Oden Factory 420mm)

· M13 (Tempus Mini · Tempus Cyclone · Tempus Marksman)

· FN Scar 17 (FORGE TAC 17.2" LB · FORGE TAC 20.0" LB · FORGE TAC CQC Pro)

· AK-47 (Spetsnaz Elite · 23.0" RPK Barrel · 8.1" Compact Barrel · 23.0" Romanian)

· RAM-7 (FTAC 13.5" Compact · FORGE TAC Eclipse · XRK Ranger)

Sub-machine Guns

· AUG (407mm Extended Barrel · 407mm Lightweight · 622mm Long Barrel)

· P90 (FORGE TAC Retribution · FSS 10.6" Pro)

· MP5 (FFS Light · Monolithic Integral Suppressor · FFS Mini · Subsonic Integral Suppressor)

· Uzi (13.1" First Responder · 8.5" Factory Mini · 16.5" Factory Carbine)

· PP19 Bizon (8.7" Polygonal · 8.7" Aluminum)



· Model 680 (XRK 18.0" Liberator · XRK 14.0" SWAT · XRK 30.0" Sport)

· R9-0 Shotgun (FORGE TAC Sentry · FORGE TAC Gemini)

· 725 (Tempus Smooth Bore · Sawed-off Barrel · Tempus 32" Competition)

· Origin 12 Shotgun (FORGE TAC Precision · FORGE TAC Wideshot · FORGE TAC Impaler)

Light-machine Guns

· PKM (18.2" Compact Barrel · 26.9" Extended Barrel · 25.9" Heavy Barrel)

· SA87 (SA87 18.2" Factory · SA87 25.4" Factory · SA87 12.4" Factory)

· M91 (M91 Special Forces · M91 Infantry · M91 Heavy)

· MG34 (FSS Brute · FSS Stubby · FSS Elite)

· Holger-26 (XRK Ultralight · FTAC 8.98" Spitfire)

Marksman Rifles

· EBR-14 (FORGE TAC Precision 20.0" · FORGE TAC Elite · FORGE TAC Precision 22.0")

· MK2 Carbine (FSS 18.0" Factory · FSS 20.0" Factory · FSS 24.0" Factory)

· Kar98k (Singuard Custom 25.1" · Singuard Custom 21.2" · Singuard Custom 27.6")

Sniper Rifles

· Dragunov (510mm Compact Barrel · 660mm Extended Barrel)

· HDR (26.9" HDR Pro · 26.0" Bull Barrel · 17.2" Bull Barrel)

· AX-50 (Singuard Arms Pro · 17.0" Factory Barrel · 32.0" Factory Barrel)


· X16 (Singuard Arms Featherweight · Vanguard Elite · Singuard Arms Advantage)

· 1911 (.45 Compact · .45 Match Grade · 1911 Stalker)

· .357 (.357 Snub Nose · Silverfield Ordnance .357 · .357 Long)

· M19 (XRK L Super · XRK V Extended · A9-16 Lightweight)

· .50 GS (FORGE TAC Extended · FORGE TAC Enforcer)


All lasers cost $600

1mW Laser · 5mW Laser · Tac Laser


All optics cost $1000

Operator Reflex Sight · Aim-Op Reflex Sight · Viper Reflex Sight · Monocle Reflex Sight · G.I. Mini Reflex · Solozero Optics Mini Reflex · Cronen LP945 Mini Reflex · Cronen C480 Pro Optic · FFS Ring Sight · Corp Combat Holo Sight · APX5 Holographic Sight · PBX Holo 7 Sight · Scout Combat Optic · VLK 3.0x Optic · Integral 3.0x Optic · 4.0 Flip Hybrid · Integral Hybrid · Canted Hybrid · Brownlee 32mm Scope · Lockwood Pistol Scope · Sniper Scope · Variable Zoom Scope · Merc Thermal Optic · Thermal Hybrid · Thermal Sniper Scope · Thermal Dual Power Scope · Solozero NVG Enhanced · Cronen 2x2 Elite · FSS Integral Reflex · Solozero K498 4.0x Integral


All pumps cost $1100

FSS R9-0 Bulldog · FTAC Ultralight Pump · FTAC Close Quarters Pro


All stocks cost $500

FORGE TAC Ultralight · FTAC Ultralight Hollow · FORGE TAC CQB Comb · FORGE TAC CQS · FORGE TAC Ballast Pack · FORGE TAC Stalker · FTAC Stalker-12 · FTAC Stalker-Scout · FTAC Hunter · FTAC Hunter-Scout · FTAC Precision Comb · FTAC XL Elite Comb · FORGE TAC Dart · FTAC Collapsible Stock · FTAC Lightweight Stock · FTAC Champion · FSS Nomad Stock · VLK Lightweight Stock · FFS Raider Chassis Pro · FFS Raider Chassis Elite · FFS Close Quarters Stock · FFS Tac-Wrap · FFS Heavy Stock Pro · FFS SA87 Heavy Stock Pro · SA87 Ultralight Hollow · FR Ultralight Hollow · Oden Ultralight Hollow · MK2 Ultralight Hollow · FFS MK2 Sport Comb · FFS MK2 Precision Comb · STVOL Precision Comb · Hollow Stock Mod · FTAC Sport Comb · XRK Obelisk Pro · XRK Striker · Field LMG Stock · Skeleton Stock · Corvus Skeleton Stock · M13 Skeleton Stock · Classic Straight-line Stock · Singuard Arms Sniper Pro · Singuard Arms Invader · Singuard Arms Evader · Singuard Arms Marksman · Singuard Arms Assassin · M-16 Stock · Lockwood Precision Series · Standard-Issue Wood Stock · Chronen Ergo Precision · Chronen Pro Light · Tempus Sport · Factory Aluminum Stock · Factory 18" Aluminum Stock · Cartridge Sleeve · Fly Strap · No Stock · Sawed-off Stock · FTAC Equilibrium · XRK Ultralight Hollow · XRK Close Quarters Stock · FSS Ranger · FSS Infantry · XRK Axis

Rear Grip

All rear grips cost $900

Granulated Grip Tape · Rubberized Grip Tape · Stippled Grip Tape · X16 Stock · Lockwood .357 Custom Stock · FSS Raider Stock

Guard (.725 only)

All guards cost $850

Tempus SlimGrip · FORGE TAC Steady Grip · FORGE TAC Commander


All ammunition mods cost $1250

7 Round Mags · 9 Round Mags · 10 Round Mags · 12 Round Mags · 13 Round Mags · 15 Round Mags · 17 Round Mags · 20 Round Mags · 21 Round Mags · 24 Round Mags · 25 Round Mags · 25 Round Drum Mags · 26 Round Mags · 30 Round Mags · 40 Round Mags · 45 Round Mags · 50 Round Mags · 60 Round Mags · 75 Round Drum Mags · 75 Round Belt · 84 Round Helical Mags · 100 Round Drums · 100 Round Belt · 120 Round Belt · 150 Round Belt · 200 Round Belt · Tube Extension · 9mm Para 32-Round Mags · 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags · 5.45×39mm 30-Round Mags · 5.56 NATO 30-Round Mags · 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums · .300 Blackout 30-Round Mags · .458 SOCOM 10-Round Mags · Slug Rounds · 8 Round Slug Mags · Snake Shot

Trigger Action

All Triggers cost $700

Lightweight Trigger · Heavy Duty Trigger · Match Grade Trigger


All underbarrels cost $800

Merc Foregrip · Operator Foregrip · Ranger Foregrip · Commando Foregrip · Tactical Foregrip · Lockwood Precision Series · XRK Truegrip Tactical · Snatch Grip · 40mm High-explosive (M203 · GP25 · FN EGLM) · 40mm Concussive · 40mm Smokescreen · 40mm Recon · 40mm Flash · 40mm Incendiary · 12 Gauge Deputy · Bipod · Bipod Foregrip · Granulated Grip Tape · Stippled Grip Tape · Rubberized Grip Tape

Weapon Perks

All weapon perks cost $1000


  • Refill ammo ($250)

Equipment Armory

All Equipment cost $500, with Shrapnel being available for $250 to gain an additional lethal slot.


  • Claymore
  • Frag Grenade
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • C4
  • Semtex
  • Throwing Knife
  • Proximity Mine
  • Thermite


  • Flash Grenade
  • Stun Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Snapshot Grenade
  • Heartbeat Sensor
  • Gas Grenade
  • Stim
  • Decoy Grenade

Support Armory


  • Shield Turret for $2000
  • UAV for $2000
  • Cluster Strike for $3000
  • Precision Strike for $3000
  • Cruise Missile for $3000
  • Sentry Gun for $4000
  • Chopper Gunner for $5000
  • Gunship for $7000
  • Juggernaut for $7000


  • Ammo Crate for $500
  • Equipment Crate for $500
  • Armor Crate for $500
  • Trophy System for $500
  • Deployable Cover for $700
  • Respawn Flare for $15000


  • The Survival Mode trailer used the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 variant of the Red Dot Sight, but this was cut from the final game.
  • In Survival Mode, while prone, pistols held with two hands will not center on the screen.
  • On the Special Ops Trailer of Modern Warfare 3, it appears to have duration of time that the player is surviving on the wave.
  • The highest Survival Mode rank in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is 50, but during Call of Duty XP, the highest rank was level 80.[3]
  • The icon used to represent Armor was different in the Survival Mode trailer.
  • The perks dropped by helicopters automatically disappear if players do not collect them but instead kill the enemies.
  • One should note that in later waves and on harder difficulties, not all enemies come at the beginning of the wave. For example, on Tier 1 maps, a Little Bird appears when there are few survivors on either Round 21 or 22.
  • The official Bradygames guide book states that the player starts off with Self Revive on all maps, despite the fact that the player does not spawn with it on Tier 4 maps.
  • The survival mode was developed by Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch. The survival mode was based on the Zombies Mode that Treyarch has created in their previous games.